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Scene: H6 Takes Its Last Ride

It's the end of the line for the TTC's 27-year-old trains.

WHERE: Eastbound to Kennedy Station from Greenwood Station

WHEN: Friday, June 20, 10 a.m.

WHAT: The final service run of the TTC’s oldest train, the H6. Distinguished by dizzyingly orange interior doors, woodgrain panelling, and a much-coveted solo seat, this model has been serving Torontonians since 1986.

After taking transit enthusiasts and doubtless somewhat confused commuters on a trip from Greenwood Station to Kennedy Station, then westbound to Kipling Station and back again to Kennedy station, the train was decommissioned—it’s likely destined, along with its H6 brethren, to be gutted or scrapped.

Torontonians will just have to content themselves with the sleek new Toronto Rockets and the red-doored Bloor-Danforth T1s, and say goodbye to solo sitting.


  • Geoff Gilmour-Taylor

    The Halton County streetcar museum has a pair of Gloucester G1s and a pair of Montreal Locomotive Works M1s, but no H-series cars from Hawker-Siddely or UTDC.

  • Jacob

    It’s easy to roll a fire truck down the street.

    A subway? Not so much.

    But as the other guy says, hopefully that museum will get their hands on one.

  • PaidConservativeSupporter#64

    No, the H5s (One generation older, loud buzz, yellow door ones on the YUS) were.

    H6s were the first ones to not reek of gross old sweatsocks when the AC was running, however.