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Newsstand: June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th, a full moon, a new Liberal majority government—it's already a jam-packed day and it's barely begun! In the news: Kathleen Wynne is victorious, the Sam the Record Man sign may be moving, and London Mayor Joe Fontana awaits his trial verdict today.

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Last night’s provincial election brought in a Liberal majority, with both the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP losing ground as the Liberals swept the GTA and captured 59 of 107 seats. PC leader Tim Hudak has decided to step down, although NDP leader Andrea Horwath says she will stay put (even though she triggered the losing-cause election by refusing to support the Liberal budget). Bad math and a promise to cut 100,000 public-sector jobs comprised the bulk of Hudak’s message, which evidently did not resonate with voters. The NDP, meanwhile, took a populist turn and ended up sounding like PC-lite for much of the campaign, with promises to cut government waste and support job creators. Despite their unsavoury past, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals seem to have won either on the strength of their leader, their progressive budget, or the fact that the other two options were simply too awful to bear.

The iconic Sam the Record Man sign may soon see the light of day, above Dundas Square. City council will debate a proposal to place the sign atop the City-owned building at 277 Victoria Street. But the City plans to sell that building, meaning if the sign is put there it will be taken down at some point in the next 15 years. The sign has been in storage since 2008, when Ryerson University bought and tore down the old Sam the Record Man store at the corner of Yonge and Gould streets in order to build a new campus building, with a promise to refurbish and display the sign. Ryerson backed away from that promise, contending that the sign didn’t fit the planned building’s design.

London, Ontario, Mayor Joe Fontana is on trial for fraud and breach of trust relating to an incident while he was a Liberal MP, and expects the verdict today. Fontana held a reception for Ralph Goodale, Liberal MP and then-finance minister, in 2005, at the same location as his son’s wedding. He later altered an invoice from the wedding to look like it was related to the Goodale reception, and paid a deposit of $1,700 to the Marconi Club with a Government of Canada cheque.


  • Bumbaclot

    As for explaining the election results, I think “the other two options were simply too awful to bear” is the right call.

    Although I see Hudak wasn’t too awful for the Globe and Mail to endorse — oh, wait, did they endorse him or didn’t they? Interesting behind the scenes stuff here:

    • rich1299

      somehow I expected better of the G&M. I recall not too long ago that some news organization was looking for columnists who would write specifically for advertisers with advertisers having full editorial control over their columns. I forget which news organization it was offhand, they were also looking for columnists who would write stories somewhere in between the advertisers having full control and traditional independent column writing. The fact they would advertise such a thing seems to indicate that such practices have become fairly common place but not quite yet to the extent that they don’t have to mention the conditions the columnist would be working under.

      Having the most tolerable platform is how most parties get elected. Though for the Ont Libs to win a majority at this point in their history speaks volumes about the other parties running against them.

  • jaaaaaaat

    we need to destroy the term “job creators.” It unjustly glorifies welathy capitalists who only want to WalMart-ize the world.

    • Guest

      Or inject a bit of truth: “shitty job creators”.

      • Bumbaclot

        Firm but fair.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      We could work to redefine it. More could be done to help small businesses and entrepreneurs expand (they tend to reach a certain size and then stop growing), rather than reward massive foreign-owned corporations for adding a few more unskilled positions in factories they’ll close the moment it’s cheaper to relocate to an Export Production Zone somewhere in Asia.

      • torontothegreat

        This. 100%

    • rich1299

      Especially since its actually workers bringing home decent pay cheques they can spend on more than the bare essentials of life who create jobs for others. Wealthy people and investors can`t create any jobs if there`s no demand for whatever product or service they provide.

  • Notcleverguy

    Well, Wynne is finally now an elected premier, amid two other underwhelming choices, it is now time for her to show the leadership she was elected for. I for one think she’ll do good things for the province.

    • rich1299

      Wynne was always an elected premier who was elected in exactly the same way as every other premier In Ontario’s history. This is just the first election campaign that she was the face of her party.

      Premiers much like mayors and to a lesser degree federal politicians have almost no control over our economy which is dictated by banks and other corporations these days. We have no democracy left at all when it comes to our economy, that started changing in the 70s when Canadian gov’ts for some reason, I’m guessing federal legislation, could no longer borrow from the Bank of Canada interest free and to start borrowing from commercial banks instead. That one act has massively increased our debt load and changed everything since then.

      There was an article, I forget which off hand but if you find it its a must read, that detailed how the Rae NDP gov’t was sunk by private corporations despite winning a majority in the election. When corporations have that much control over our political system despite the wishes of citizens it just shows how incredibly weak and open to abuse our democracy is. Of course it didn’t help matters that the NDP’s core supporters wouldn’t tolerate the fact the Rae gov’t acted in a less damaging, pragmatic manner to cope with a brutal recession. It was a combination of corporate interference in our democracy and core NDP supporters who couldn’t tolerate prgamatism that gave us the Harris PCs and Hudak.