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Extra, Extra: Unfunny Cartoons, Deputy Mayoral Endorsements, and Buffy the Street-Sign Slayer

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Photo from Kathleen Wynne’s Twitter account.

  • We tend to be in favour of satire, and biting wit, and sarcasm, and also facetiousness. We feel we can often not only take, but also really enjoy, a joke. But this Sun cartoon about Kathleen Wynne is one we find it difficult to see the humour in.
  • Last week, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly explained that he would not be officially endorsing a candidate in the provincial election. Today, at a luncheon speech delivered by Kathleen Wynne, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly explained why he’d decided to endorse a candidate after all: “The city needs a city-friendly leader, and this province needs a city-friendly premier … Kathleen, that leader and that premier is you.”
  • “What I’m doing is technically illegal, but I don’t feel it’s ethically or morally wrong.” So says the individual responsible for “hacking” neighbourhood watch signs across the city. (We are beginning to suspect that we either (a) do not know what “hacking” means, or (b) once knew what “hacking” meant, but have now been outpaced by progress.) Perhaps there is something ethically or morally wrong about sticking images of “superheroes, 1980s action stars and miscellaneous characters such as Bill Cosby’s Cliff Huxtable” to street signs—the only thing we know for sure is that going with the Swanson Buffy rather than the Gellar Buffy was a questionable call.

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