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Extra, Extra: Terminal A, SkyDome’s Birthday, and a Leaders’ Debate

Every weekday's end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

  • The Terminal A building at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, opened in 1939, was in use until recently, but has since been mouldering away. But it will moulder no longer! In 2016, it will reopen as a multi-use building, with a museum, art galleries, and restaurants. This island airport–related news is exciting in and of itself, and also because it does not yet appear to involve any jets or jet-related controversies.
  • The Rogers Centre SkyDome turns 25 today—it was the first stadium to feature a fully retractable roof, and you can watch the structure come together in this time-lapse video. Happy birthday, Rogers Centre SkyDome!
  • It seems that at tonight’s Ontario election debate, Tim Hudak will be going for “nothing exciting,” Kathleen Wynne will be trying to appear fresh but trustworthy, and, whatever happens, Andrea Horwath will be exceedingly well prepared. Check in with Torontoist‘s live debate fact-check (starting at 6:30 p.m.), and see how each leader fares.

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  • nevilleross

    Shouldn’t the building in question be used for servicing passengers?

    • VictorianShuter

      What do you mean by “servicing passengers”? Btw, the options are limited because of its size: It’s small enough to fit inside St. Lawrence Market. So small in fact, that when they started building the tunnel, they were able to move the building from its original location to the opposite end of the airfield, all in one piece!

    • Steveinto

      I realize some do not understand that buildings can no longer serve the purpose they were built for. Many factors cause this, among them are population growth, business needs and trends, technology. The terminal was moved and a new one built to accommodate the needs of an expanding airport business.
      Moving it renovating it for a restaurant and event space is a good move. We have learned our lesson from more then a half century ago and make efforts to reuse, re-purpose buildings that can be saved.

    • HotDang

      servicing passengers

      Is that you, Giorgio?