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Extra, Extra: Rainbow Bikes, Rob Ford’s Competitiveness, and Eating Jamie Oliver

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

Photo from Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly’s Twitter account.

  • Libraries are gussied up for Pride. Buses have gotten fancy for Pride. Crosswalks, too, are boasting rainbows. And it appears that Bike Share Toronto, too, has joined in the celebration.
  • Rob Ford still competitive after seven-week absence” reads the title of a Toronto Star article about a recent poll, which puts Ford at 27 per cent—good for second place behind Olivia Chow, who’s sitting at 34 per cent. We weren’t really expecting that the phrase “seven-week absence” would be the one to follow “Rob Ford still competitive after”—but we suppose there wasn’t room to list all the other things (“Rob Ford still competitive after seven-week absence, crack-smoking, shocking videos, misogyny, racism, homophobia, probable drunk-driving, etc.”).
  • He is peppy and rabble-rousing, and drew our attention to the existence and components (both of which are regrettable) of “pink slime.” He is Jamie Oliver, and soon you will be able to dine at premium-casual restaurants bearing his name, because he is poised to bring his chain of premium-casual restaurants to Canada.

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  • Bumbaclot

    What can I say ,folks? I’m the licorice of Meryl politics. People like me. Not everyone likes me, but the people who like me, really like me.


    • SonuvaScrimbro

      I agree, Bumba. Of the whopping 890 people who were at home at the time the robocaller made the calls…. and were happy to answer their landline phones… and were willing to sit through endless minutes of questions about politics for no reward but to hear the sound of a human voice… and were able to push all buttons correctly… you are definitely the distant No. 2 choice of this hugely influential subset of voters.

      Catch the wave, people!

      • quidnunc

        Forum should be asking Ford Nayshun “Would you want this man as your son- or brother-in-law? and if you wouldn’t trust him with your sister or daughter, why would you trust him with your tax dollars?”

        • vampchick21

          Because $60 in the pocket and FU to everyone who doesn’t think and act just like me, damned egghead liberals! [Canadian equivalant to 'Murica!] – Ford Nation.

    • Don River

      You can’t be stopped, Mr. Mayor. You’re more powerful than a jar of Sandro’s bedbugs.

    • quidnunc

      Ha Ha Ha. Bumba FORD more MONTHS … maybe Bring in the clowns!