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Extra, Extra: “Pedophile Districts,” Celebrating Parkdale, and Baby Yaks

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

Photo from Friends of the High Park Zoo’s Facebook page.

  • The Exhibition Place’s board of governors will be holding a public consultation tonight on the topic of all-ages EDM parties. Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) issued a press release on the matter today in which he claimed “the neighbouring Parkdale area is home to one of the largest concentrations of registered sex offenders, including pedophiles, living in the City of Toronto,” and “with all-ages parties being held next to a pedophile district we are simply encouraging the continued abuse of our children.” He then addressed a question to Councillor Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale–High Park), who has defended such all-ages events: “Who are you really representing? This is about much more than a dance party.”
  • So how did Councillor Gord Perks (Ward 14, Parkdale–High Park) respond to Mammolitti’s charge that Ward 14 is a pedophile district and what sounds very much like an insinuation that Perks is somehow on the side of pedophiles? With this: “As we all know Parkdale is the kind of community everyone in Toronto admires. We are economically, socially, and culturally diverse. We accept and welcome and love each other. If the rest of Toronto were more like Parkdale, Toronto would be an even better place to live.” And also with this: “Here’s a suggestion for finding a silver lining: I am inviting everyone to send the reason they love Parkdale to I will be posting your words on” And in a great show of restraint/staggering understatement, he managed to refer to Mammoliti as “one irresponsible voice.”
  • The High Park Zoo is now home to a baby yak and a very young reindeer. We have not much more to say about that, and bring it up mostly because sometimes you just need to be able to look at a baby yak.

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CORRECTION: June 17, 12:25PM This article originally mentioned CNE as the potential site of all-ages EDM parties. The site is actually Exhibition Place; CNE is an event.


  • Bumbaclot

    Said it before, folks, I’ll say it again: Mammo’s the one guy down at City Hall that makes me look like Alfred Einstein.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      And that’s no small feat!

    • mariapd

      Albert’s younger, somewhat less bright brother.

  • iSkyscraper

    With Ford not around, it’s back to Mammolitti to make stupid, inflammatory comments.
    The fact that Doug Ford slammed Mammo and backed Perks “100%” make me suspicious of his intentions. I smell a PC leadership campaign.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      I really hope so. It would be priceless watching Doug try to bully his way into the leadership especially since he doesn’t have a seat. Even more fun will be watching the Tories twist themselves into knots trying to keep him out.

    • torontothegreat

      I also think it’s part of their strategy for Rob’s re-election. So far we’ve seen Doug agree with Olivia Chow and slamming Mammo, in one week. It’s like he’s really “trying” to look like some kind of social-liberal.

    • rich1299

      Doug Ford claims if he had been leader of the PCs he would’ve won
      because he’s so socially liberal just a few weeks after insisting people
      with cognitive disabilities and mental health problems are ruining his
      neighbourhood. Hudak had many problems but being too socially
      conservative wasn’t one of them.

      I’ve no doubt this is just an
      attempt by the Fords to change the story of the PCs loss from their unwanted financial policies to their non-existent social conservatism. Considering social issues weren’t even on the radar in this election the Fords are going to have a hell of a time trying to convince people the PC’s financial policies had nothing to do with their loss.

      I’ve seen a few columns stating if the PCs want to win in the future they need to keep their financial policies much more vague, basically saying they need to adopt a secret agenda to win. Changing their policies to more closely match the will of the majority of Ontarians wasn’t even considered.

      • Notcleverguy

        Are social liberals generally shocked when autistic kids are allowed outside?

        It is sad how Doug thinks everyone is stupid.

    • Squintz

      Well since DoFo is the social liberal that supports the unions, this all fits perfectly right? lol

  • Justin Flontek

    Someone needs to shut Mammo up. The Fords are embarrassment enough.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Only “one of” the largest, Mammo? So in the top three? Ten? And where’s the largest?

  • torontothegreat

    Who votes for this idiot?

    • iSkyscraper


    • OgtheDim

      When I had a talk with people in his ward about him a few years ago, the expression seemed to be “He’s a nice Italian boy…”.

      • CaligulaJones

        Are you saying there may be a dark side to identity politics?

      • torontothegreat

        That’s really sad.

  • Ish Kabibble

    More madness from this stupid “perversion obsessed” dreamer. Remember when he was hiding behind trees taking photos of the folks at the Pride Parade?

    • Squintz

      Or when he wanted to put a red light district on the same island as a children’s theme park?

  • Notcleverguy

    Mammoliti’s brain surgery didn’t take.