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Extra, Extra: A New Complaint Against Ford, Swimming at Toronto Beaches, and the Pride Parade’s Grand Marshal

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  • It’s been somewhat quiet here for a while. It’s been at least a few days since a mayoral Escalade was last impounded, or a scandalous video made public. But things will likely become more eventful on Monday, when Mayor Rob Ford makes his return to City Hall. If for some reason you need to be reminded about what the next few months might have in store, why not look over an article about the complaint Democracy Watch recently filed against both Rob and Doug Ford with Toronto’s integrity commissioner.
  • “You’ve probably thought to yourself, ‘Is it really safe to swim here?’ For the last time: Yes!” So says the Grid, in an article about the Blue Flag program used to monitor water quality at Toronto beaches. And the Blue Flag program appears to be working as it should, because it revealed high levels of E. coli at both Cherry and Sunnyside beaches, and they’ve both been closed to swimming: “People can still visit the beach but are advised to stay out of the water.”
  • The Pride Parade is coming up on Sunday, and this year, its grand marshal will be Reverend Brent Hawkes. He’s a gay rights advocate and an Order of Canada recipient, and he officiated at Canada’s first legal same-sex marriage in 2001. Asked to comment on his commitment to gay rights, he responded: “I’m a stubborn Maritimer. That’s the short answer. In the Maritimes, most people protect their families and friends. I’ve always had a passion for the underdog and to stand up against people who are discriminated against or who are oppressed.”
  • Novelist Kathleen Hale writes a gutting, personal, essential essay about the emotional aftermath of rape.

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  • rich1299

    While I’ve never attended his church Brent Hawkes and have only chatted with him in passing he is an excellent choice for grand marshal of World Pride. He’s one of the few leading voices in the fight for equal rights that’s been around since the early days of the movement in Toronto who is still going strong. When he officiated that first same-sex wedding he had to wear a bullet proof vest under his robes and have body guards before, during, and for some time afterwards due to all the death threats he was receiving. He’s also a wonderful speaker, I heard him give a talk, plus his eulogy for Jack Layton, and can easily understand why the MCC is now looking for a larger building since they get around 700 people, some of whom even identify as atheists, attending his church every week. He’s moderate but steadfast and determined. On the religious side he’s been attracting former clergy who became disillusioned and left their original churches to attend the MCC. He doesn’t claim to have the answers to anything but is there to help others find their own way. Having a religious leader like him leading the World Pride parade/march, which will be reported on around the world, will make a very strong statement indeed especially for those who take the time to learn more about him and the MCC.

  • tex2

    Rape is terrible, and Amway has financially raped millions of people:

    • estta

      Financial rape isn’t actually a thing. Financial ruin, sure. Not rape though.

      • dsmithhfx

        Spam is definitely a thing.

        • tex2

          Stupidity is definitely a thing. LOL

      • tex2

        Ask the people financially raped by Amway whether it is an actual thing. Same with the people who Madoff financially raped.

        • dsmithhfx

          Amway is a shit company that has been fleecing chumps for the past 40 years, at least. Happy? Now go away.

          • tex2

            No, I’m not happy, and i’m not going away until the Amway Tool Scam goes away.

    • OgtheDim

      Spam doesn’t help you.

      • tex2

        My message isn’t spam, but it definitely drives more traffic to my blog! LOL