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Vandalist: Mystery Meeting

It's a date!


BY: Unknown
LOCATION: Parkdale Amphitheatre, Queen Street West and Dufferin Street
PHOTO BY: Valerie Campbell
FIELD NOTES: Tucked away in the Parkdale Amphitheatre, blending in so well it’s barely noticeable, is this small engraved plaque. Every Sunday at 1:00, this is apparently the meeting spot for a mysterious group of people. Who could it be? A Parkdale appreciation club? Our local Illuminati chapter? It could be anyone! It is your mission, Vandalist readers, to visit this spot on Sunday and let us know whom or what you find.

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  • Samuel

    Probably an AA meeting!

    • HotDang

      Considering it’s in Parkdale it’s probably a meeting of people who yell rude things at random passers by.

      • Stephanie Avery

        That actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun.