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Scene: Rally to “Bring Back Our Girls”

Demonstrators gathered in Dundas Square to demand the release of nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls.

WHERE: Dundas Square

WHEN: Saturday, May 10, 6–9 p.m.

WHAT: A rally organized by African Women Acting, in conjunction with The HopeWorks Connection, calling for the return of more than 270 girls kidnapped on April 14 from their high school in the northeast corner of Nigeria by members of militant group Boko Haram.

The Nigerian government has been criticized for its slow response and its initial unwillingness to accept international assistance. It has now signalled it’s prepared to accept resources from other nations, and the United States, Britain, France, Canada, and China have pledged to help.

Propelled in part by the adoption of the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag on Twitter, the “Bring Back Our Girls” movement has spread, and rallies are being held in cities worldwide.


  • rich1299

    As despicable as the kidnapping of these girls is this is something that’s been happening in several African nations for a long time now. In Nigeria alone its estimated tens of thousands of people, mostly children, are kidnapped or sold into slavery every year. So why is the kidnapping of these Nigerian girls gaining international attention with offers of “anti-terrorist” help from several NATO countries? Why was nothing said or done about the many thousands of other children kidnapped each year? Why now?

    Nigeria has lots of oil and other natural resources. I’ve read several claims from different sources that Boko Harum is working for the CIA or some NATO intelligence agency in order to destabilize the country. That creates an excuse for NATO troops to intervene in order to secure all that oil and natural resources for the benefit of western corporations, oh yeah to rescue these kidnapped children too.

    Considering what we’ve seen in Iraq and Afghanistan and the regular military interventions in Africa by France, the US, and the UK, plus NATO’s support for brutal and/or corrupt gov’ts favourable to western interests, it seems likely that we’re being set up to accept a major military intervention in Nigeria. Once US and/or NATO troops have bases in Nigeria they’ll never leave. The US already has drone bases around Nigeria. Nigeria has an effective enough army to deal with this kidnapping with perhaps some intelligence help from NATO countries, they don’t need western troops to deal with Boko Harum.

    Nigeria is a growing regional power and a very large country with a lot of natural resource wealth. That makes it a prime target for NATO intervention to destabilize it gov’t, something NATO countries, including Canada, have been doing all around the world for many decades, especially in predominantly non-white countries.

    Check out:

    Canada’s engineering of Hati’s 2004 coup (a must read in my opinion)

  • Notcleverguy

    Did anyone happen to catch Rush Limbaugh’s little rant about essentially being anti- bring back our girls, mostly it seemed because Michele Obama was holding a sign that said it?
    Not that any sane person didn’t think he was a disgusting pig, but this truly a new low.