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Extra, Extra: Online-Only Radio 2, Voting for the Red Door, and Touching the Polar Bear

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  • It might be the end of CBC Radio 2 as we know it: according to the group Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, the CBC is planning a new series of cuts, and one of those will involve making Radio 2 an online-only affair. The CBC has not issued a comment since the FCB’s announcement, but earlier today said something about welcoming opinions and debate. What a fortunate coincidence! We reckon it will receive plenty of both.
  • The future of the Red Door Shelter has been in doubt since an ugly legal dispute erupted between the owners of the property it calls home in the east end. Today, the City’s Community Development and Recreation Committee voted to “support the Red Door Shelter in its efforts” should it need to establish a title claim to the property or relocate; explore all options that support the continuity of the shelter’s services; and, if necessary, help the Red Door Shelter find a temporary location from which to operate. The matter will now be taken up by council at its June 10 meeting.
  • The next time you’re near Lawrence Avenue and Jane Street, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reminiscing about legendary Leafs: there is now a lane very close to that very intersection named after the great Toronto Maple Leaf goaltender Johnny Bower.
  • Humphrey the polar bear is adorable. We all know that. But most of us also know that just because he is undeniably and incontrovertibly adorable doesn’t mean that we should pet him. Polar bears are vicious killing machines and, well, you just shouldn’t touch animals at the zoo. Which is why most of us don’t get in all sorts of trouble and trigger investigations.

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  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    “You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it.”

  • OgtheDim

    That would open up a HECK of a lot of licenses around the country.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      So less than a handful of media conglomerates can buy them and further the illusion of choice.

  • PSC-TO

    “Gonzalez said he now understands what he did was wrong, but at the time he didn’t see any signs telling them not to jump the fence.” At a zoo with wild animals you have to be told not to jump fences surrounding the animals?

    • dsmithhfx

      I wonder if car surfing is next on his bucket list.

    • rich1299

      What amazed me is that he was so close to a baby polar bear yet he kept his video camera on himself more than the bear, and most of it he spent looking at his camera instead of the bear!