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Extra, Extra: Hudak and Polkaroo, Inflatable Cowboy Hats, and Toronto Sports Love

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  • In 2012, Republic presidential candidate Mitt Romney took on Big Bird; now PC leader Tim Hudak might just be gunning for TVO’s Polkaroo. It’s not clear exactly what his intentions are vis–à–vis the giant kangaroo-ish creature, because he sidestepped questions today about whether he’d cut TVO if elected—but he did say, “If you’re asking me if we’re going to reduce bureaucracy wherever it exists in government to invest in front lines, the answer is yes.”
  • It just doesn’t feel like summer until “the world’s largest inflatable white cowboy hat to ever float in water” floats on into town. (That is one intriguing sentence: Have there been larger inflatable cowboy hats that just happened not to be white? Have there in the past been larger inflatable white cowboy hats that simply never made it to the water and/or sank?)
  • Earlier this week, he declared Raptors Day and embraced the Raptor himself; today, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly urged Torontonians to get behind the Toronto Marlies—currently in the AHL playoffs—and spent some time with what appears to be a giant dog in a hockey uniform. We hope this indicates a certain fondness for giant, enthusiastic, cartoony creatures on the part of our deputy mayor, because that might serve Polkaroo well if he (she? it?) ends up facing some tough times.

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