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Extra, Extra: Hudak and Polkaroo, Inflatable Cowboy Hats, and Toronto Sports Love

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

  • In 2012, Republic presidential candidate Mitt Romney took on Big Bird; now PC leader Tim Hudak might just be gunning for TVO’s Polkaroo. It’s not clear exactly what his intentions are vis–à–vis the giant kangaroo-ish creature, because he sidestepped questions today about whether he’d cut TVO if elected—but he did say, “If you’re asking me if we’re going to reduce bureaucracy wherever it exists in government to invest in front lines, the answer is yes.”
  • It just doesn’t feel like summer until “the world’s largest inflatable white cowboy hat to ever float in water” floats on into town. (That is one intriguing sentence: Have there been larger inflatable cowboy hats that just happened not to be white? Have there in the past been larger inflatable white cowboy hats that simply never made it to the water and/or sank?)
  • Earlier this week, he declared Raptors Day and embraced the Raptor himself; today, Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly urged Torontonians to get behind the Toronto Marlies—currently in the AHL playoffs—and spent some time with what appears to be a giant dog in a hockey uniform. We hope this indicates a certain fondness for giant, enthusiastic, cartoony creatures on the part of our deputy mayor, because that might serve Polkaroo well if he (she? it?) ends up facing some tough times.

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  • OgtheDim

    The Marlies have cheerleaders?!?!

    • Talbot


  • mlwjones

    As a father of a seven year old, Hudak is probably tiptoeing around TVO out of self-interest – Miller Hudak is core TVO demo, after all. He probably wants to defer the inevitable realization that Daddy’s a callous thoughtless asshole until she hits puberty.

    I miss the old Big Blue Machine – the conservatives that actually created TVO, the Ontario college system, expanded access to university, etc. Ontario’s not what it used to be, and people like Mike Harris, Tim Hudak and the toxic nonsense that is the entire Ford family are the reason.

    • OpportKnocks

      Deb Hutton has them watching tapes of Margaret Thatcher’s greatest “hits” on the VCR.

  • VictorianShuter

    …the reporter who lobbed that hardball was heard saying “and I missed him again?!”

    • dsmithhfx

      What “hardball”?

  • SonuvaScrimbro

    “If you’re asking me if we’re going to reduce bureaucracy wherever it exists in government to invest in front lines, the answer is yes.”

    But…. that’s not what we’re asking you. Why do politicians do this not-answering-the-question-being-asked-all-the-time thing, and then act stunned and hurt when we start assuming they’re sniveling SOBs who can’t be straight with us?

    Fine, stay on message, that’s a good boy. But be straight with us: either tell us yes, TVO is on the block along with a lot of other stuff… or, if your team hasn’t thought about the question, say you haven’t considered TVO cuts yet but will include them in a comprehensive review of all govt services if elected, etc. Don’t give the Star an easy headline like “Hudak sidesteps questions” — voters think you’re shifty enough without 1 Yonge’s help.

    • GeorgeG

      I think Hudak was clear: the Hudaxe will fall on Pokaroo because Don Drummond said it should. If one reads Don Drummond’s report, the roll-up of TVO is clearly spelled out if one merely inserts the letters TVO at appropriate points in the text. Tim has been clear: axe civil service and unionized jobs and bring in foreign workers to replace them (it’s the only way his job numbers can add up). While you’re at it, increase class sizes by 20% and cut unnecessary teachers; then reduce the number of post-secondary students.
      You: Hi, how’s it going.
      Tim: Great because I’ve got a Million Jobs Plan ready to go.
      You: Swell; care to elaborate.
      Tim: Well, its a great plan.
      You: Undoubtedly, but how will it work?
      Tim: Quite well I think. That should be completely clear.
      You: I would be more impressed if you would provide some details.
      Tim: Wynne is a bleading heart, Horvath is a union stooge; do you really want to see that.
      You: Back to the plan …
      Tim: Yeah, isn’t it great!