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Weekend Newsstand: April 19, 2014

Good Saturday! Right? Or is it just Saturday? But every Saturday is a good Saturday, amiright? Anyway, here's some news: a photographer is nearly finished an ambitious Toronto-based project, Olivia Chow's campaign deletes the most Facebook comments, and GO stations are trying to meet customers' food and drink needs.

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Photographer Colin Boyd Shafer is nearing the completion of an ambitious project: photographing one Toronto immigrant from each country in the world. He’s finished 174 of the 190 photographs he needs (the count of the world’s countries varies slightly, and this is the number Shafer chose). He is now working on finding people from some of the more obscure island nations such as Tuvalu and Vanuatu. An exhibition of his work will come “shortly after” the May 15 deadline he set for himself. The pictures show a diverse Toronto, but also aim to depict the social problems facing many immigrants. “This project doesn’t always paint a rosy picture of the city,” Shafer said. “But it paints a realistic picture. Our diversity is not flawless. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

Olivia Chow’s campaign has removed more comments from the campaign Facebook page than any of the other five main mayoral candidates. Her team has taken down at least 312 comments, by the Toronto Star‘s count, while Rob Ford’s team has removed only 51 and is in second place. Karen Stintz’s team has removed no comments. Chow appears to be dealing with the racism and misogyny that so often accompany being a person of colour and a woman online, and her team says the comments they’ve deleted have been derogatory in nature. Ford’s campaign, meanwhile, has left up numerous negative comments. This may be a calculated effort to rally his base around a candidate who claims to be fighting for the regular joes in an uphill battle against the city’s liberal elite.

GO is looking to add more drink and food options in its stations for hungry commuters, but the going is slow. While riders would love to see their choice fast-food operation located conveniently in a GO station, most chains have made the calculated decision not to move into transit stations because the traffic isn’t reliable enough to make a business profitable (or profitable enough). Still, there are Tim Hortons and McDonald’s chains opening in some TTC stations already, so there’s always hope. Even if already popular chains continue to cold-shoulder GO, operators are confident about finding ways to provide for customers’ breakfast and caffeine needs.


  • OgtheDim

    A long time ago, when I first came to this town, there were only two Tims I could find.

    Finch Station and Queens Quay. When I found one out in Scarborough, I was impressed.

    As I grew up around the corner from what IIRC is one of the first 10 Tims in existence, I found this weird.

    Times have changed.


    If GO wants to put fast food into its stations, they’ll have to spend money building more then just parking lots and larger versions of bus shelters. The culture of the company is not good at these sort of things.

    • TheSotSays

      “A long time ago, when I first came to this town, there were only two Tims I could find.”

      Illiteracy is a curse.

      • OgtheDim

        Ya know, a good troll would have figured out that I don’t give a flying fig about the rules of grammar and tried to get a rile from me in another way.

        But…ur not very good.

        So, you just keep on failing at what you are trying to do by going after how I write.

        And I’ll just keep laughing at your ineptitude.

        • TheSotSays

          In the good old days when you laughed you always stuck your tongue out.

          So you must give a “flying fig” about something or you’d still be pulling that juvenile trolling stunt..

          • OgtheDim

            Yeah, ur really not very good at this….that attempted pivot was particularly clumsy – hint – what works with your school chums is not a good defensive trolling choice.

            Gotta work on your mental gymnastics if you want to play with the big boyz.

          • TheSotSays

            I should warn you that when Rob Ford comes charging back in October, the “big boyz” are likely going to lose their parade funding.

          • dsmithhfx

            The sniggering homophobia won’t win you many friends, or Rob any votes. He’s going to fall flat on his face, just like in the video.

          • TheSotSays

            Are you referring to “big boyz” yeah I was curious about that but you’ll have to talk with OgDerp about it because it’s his term of reference and I quoted it. On top of it, all the Ben Johnson racism and fat bigotry that I’ve seen so far seems to be coming from the NDP side, from YOU in fact.

            So I made one point only. Come next October you’re going to have to look elsewhere for your parade money because the rest of us can’t afford the luxury of financing your tomfoolery any longer..

          • dsmithhfx
          • TheSotSays

            No one in their right mind would go to a website link posted by a marxist NDP flake.

            When you picked CHOW you picked a dud, tax plundering, double dipper candidate and Rob Ford is just the man to take her on and wipe the NDP off the face of Toronto municipal government.

          • dsmithhfx

            Well then, let me save you the bother by quoting the opening lines. Recognize it?

            “On page 2 of the April edition of Ward 32 News, a column by an incarcerated dangerous offender claims that Olivia Chow’s accent is fake.

            On page 6 of the paper is an op-ed by James Sears (aka professional misogynist/seduction instructor Dimitri the Lover), a former doctor who was stripped of his medical licence for sexual misconduct with patients and whose most recent post on his personal blog is entitled How To Employ Rasputin MindRape Protocols To Manipulate Fags Into Aggressively Recruiting Sluts For You.

            On page 8 is an article criticizing nudity at Pride that is illustrated with many, many photos of nudity at Pride.

            On the back page is a bizarre cartoon of Mayor Rob Ford strung up on a cross alongside the aforementioned Sears, who is running for council in Ward 32. “Those that can correctly answer who is on the cross next to Rob Ford” are eligible for a prize pack.

            And midway through this erratic publication [pdf] is a half-page advertisement for the Ford Nation YouTube series.”

          • TheSotSays

            Who knows what your crazed point is but I’ll just remind you that the Toronto Branch NDP that has brought us filthy party politics to municipal government has also brought us a dud tax plundering candidate for mayor.

            This is the world of the cheater vs the cheated and nothing with even a faint scent of Toronto Branch NDP shall get my vote on account of it.

          • Michelle C
          • dsmithhfx
          • dsmithhfx

            And more of this whacked cat’s handiwork:

            I can see the mutual attraction with Ford.

          • bobloblawbloblawblah

            I wonder if Doug Ford will follow up on this article. He can’t stop this Sears guy from using Rob’s photo in one of his insane montages but he can stop him from providing free ads for Ford Nation or run a disavowal

          • TheSotSays

            ♫♪ Election 2014 ♫♪

            When I was young I us’d to wait
            For Olivia Chow to reach her gait;
            But she plundered the folks and taxed them dry,
            And now she can’t shake the Rob Ford fly.

            Olivia grabs tax and I don’t care,
            Olivia grabs tax and I don’t care,
            Olivia grabs tax and I don’t care,
            No votes is goin her way.

    • dsmithhfx

      I took a spin down to Hamilton today, and I have to say I was impressed by all aspects of the service. I think the idea of station concessions is they would generate revenue. One thing that continues to mystify me is why they can’t get rail service going past Aldershot.

      • tomwest

        The tracks between Aldershot and Hamilton aren’t owned by GO, and are major lines for by CN and CP.

    • TheSotSays

      “I was impressed” you say, at finding a Tim Horton’s out in Scarborough

      I’m curious to know what impressed you the most; was it the donuts with the sprinkles or was it the long line ups?

  • TheSotSays

    That “Olivia Chow’s campaign deletes the most Facebook comments.” makes sense and arises from that fact that they’ve chosen a dud candidate worthy of a lot of criticism.

    These NDP geniuses should have chosen a candidate with a less notorious past, or at least a past that no one knew anything about.

    It’s pretty tough to successfully run a well known tax plunderer when so many ratepayers are being buried in government overhead and sunshine list double dippers.

    • dsmithhfx

      More than a few on city payroll have joined the “sunshine list” on Rob’s watch. Yeah, that makes him responsible: another Ford campaign promise broken.

      And Rob’s billion dollar tax grab has certainly caught people’s attention. Has he managed to keep any of his campaign promises, or is he just a lying bloviard? It seems the latter. And that’s reflected in the polls.

      Buhbye Rob, and good luck with that rehab..

      • TheSotSays

        Look Fxytoots, we all know the only work available to you is as a paid shill “commenter” for the Toronto Branch NDP and their dud, tax plundering candidate CHOW.

        You’re a laugh buddy! Have you signed up yet for your free summer course in Crazed Pretentious Word Use Trolling over at “The Jack Layton School for Social Activists”

        • dsmithhfx

          I’m afraid your ‘talents’, such as they are, are better fitted to Ward 32 News. Rob and Doug have disowned that bizarro hate sheet, and, if they even knew you existed, would probably mete your efforts the same ‘recognition’. Yet you troll on in obscurity, unsung, unappreciated, unhinged. Hurting Rob with every post. I doubt he’d like that much. Carry on…

          • TheSotSays

            Well for someone pretentiously described as “unsung and unappreciated” you sure waste a lot of time on me.

            And since the extensive readership of this blog consists of only six Ford hating mouthy wackos including you and OgDerp, I’m not too worried about moving public opinion.

          • dsmithhfx

            Here are the salient lines you should take to heart, though I don’t expect you will:

            “I explain [to Doug Ford] that the paper’s publishers appear to be sincere in their support, and later, after getting a chance to review a PDF of the paper himself, Ford emails me: ‘I will look into this as you are aware people are doing and saying some real disgusting things that we totally disagree with. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.’

            [Ward 32 News advertiser James] ]Sears, meanwhile, takes credit for the crucifixion concept and says in a message that he’s ‘there to comfort our dear leader as he is sacrificed for a greater cause’ – the fight against Marxism.

            But the Fords, typically enthusiastic when it comes to embracing controversy, don’t seem terribly receptive to his offer of comfort. This could be where they draw the line.“ [emphasis added]

          • TheSotSays

            Gibberish, ad infinitum

          • Steveinto

            The more your challenged the more you delve into your version of events, eventually demonstrating your hypocrisy. I will give you credit that you have not gotten hysterical, but I see is is not far from the surface.
            The sheer idiocy of your point of view is that the real answers are but a mouse click away, you live in a world delusion thinking so you just do not believe that exists either.

          • TheSotSays

            You need a remedial course in grammar, maybe you can pick it up at summer school. Try the “Jack Layton School for Social Activists”

            You can get free tuition there because the Jack Layton School is stealing free schoolroom space from the taxpayers to push their marxist politics.

          • Steveinto

            Thanks for the confirmation.
            You sink lower with every comment. You feel the only way to win an argument is to circumvent realty and delve into insults. That really defines you as a person, and not a good one.

          • TheSotSays

            Suck it up your grammar stinks and it deprives you of coherent thought.

          • mixandserve

            I love that your only comeback is ever about grammar, which is as lame as it is anal. Hey, Nellie…the 1950s called: they want their crotchety old schoolmarm back.

            Maybe spend a bit less time with your nose in Strunk and White and a bit more time actually addressing the sad fact that where logic, substance, or even wit is concerned, pretty much everyone and their dog buttonholes and then rag-dolls you like a gimp.

            God I miss the original Dave…he was equally moronic, but at least he was passably amusing.

    • knotsing

      What a bunch of complete and utter nonsense. Not that our expectations are too high from FordNation. I have yet to come across a single member of Ford Nation who gives any indication at all that they have any understanding of how City Council works. They fall for the sloganeering of Ford, a disgraced, substance abusing, alcohol abusing, DUI driving, incessantly lying boor who has a good day if he can actually utter one coherent sentence.