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The Rob and Doug Ford Web Recap: Hanging Out With Jimmy Kimmel

Rob and Doug host Jimmy Kimmel on their web turf and discuss campaigning, coming to Toronto, and drunken excuses.

rob doug ford youtube web show

It’s the show we’ve all been waiting for. It’s pretty much Game of Thrones and Veep and Mad Men put together. It’s Jimmy Kimmel on Ford Nation.

The late-night host promised Rob and Doug he would appear on their YouTube show, and America’s most high-profile Toronto City Hall obsessive has followed through on his pledge. Will this big get be a game changer in Toronto’s competitive mayoral election? No, because any eligible voter who watches this has already made up his or her mind.

But let’s see what they have to say anyway.

0:03: Rob welcomes us to Ford Nation, and says that they have a special guest for us today: Jimmy Kimmel. Rob then proceeds to read Kimmel’s biography, which one of his young staffers likely cribbed from Wikipedia in advance of the show.

0:29: And Kimmel is on the show via Google Hangout. He’s wearing the same outfit Rob wore on his Kimmel appearance—a black shirt with a shiny fire-engine-red tie—and he shows off two Rob Ford bobbleheads that he has. This would be a good moment to step back and reflect on the absurd fact that the crack-smoking, homophobic, racial-epithet-spewing, unrepentant mayor of Toronto is doing a Google Hangout with a late-night U.S. TV network host who is holding the politician’s bobbleheads. We have descended to the point where all of this not only has its own logic but also feels normal—and that’s troubling.

0:40: Kimmel says he looked it up on Ebay, and the bobbleheads sell for “something like $900.” Rob and Doug laugh, and use this as a segue to announce that there are more bobbleheads available for purchase. Proceeds from the sale of three of the four new kinds of bobbleheads (ranging in price from $30–$100) will fund his campaign, so caveat emptor.

1:06: Doug gets in a good line about Jimmy looking like a magician today—which echoes what Kimmel said about Rob during his late-night appearance in February. Kimmel says he admired Rob’s look, and he’s dressing that way regularly now. No word on whether he also regularly wears cowboy boots as the mayor does.

2:04: Doug asks Jimmy a question. “You know that the future of Jimmy Kimmel Live! relies on Rob Ford getting re-elected.” Jimmy nods solemnly. He understands the stakes. “So my question is: When are you going to get your backside up here to save your job and start door-knocking to make sure this guy keeps you going every single night?” This would mean Rob Ford’s campaign team would consist of Jimmy Kimmel, Doug Ford, Ben Johnson, and Sam from Trailer Park Boys. Add Frank D’Angelo, Kenny Hotz, and Kevin O’Leary, and there would be no stopping these guys.

2:11 Jimmy says he wants to throw a “funraiser” for Rob, and have fun with the mayor in classic Rob Ford style. Rob laughs. Really, Rob’s whole life is a funraiser.

3:05: Jimmy tells the story of the first episode of his show on ABC, when they gave the audience free beer. He says one person vomited and had to be carried out during the live show, which “did not impress the Disney executives.” Rob smirks and lifts his head back in an extended laugh. He likes this story.

3:23: Defending the episode, Jimmy says, “I was so drunk I don’t know what happened that night.” In a fit of knowing laughter, Rob adds, “I’ve used that excuse one too many times myself.”

3:35: Doug invites Kimmel to come to Toronto for TIFF, and Kimmel says that he would love to, but he’s having a baby around that time. Torontoist would like to extend our congratulations to the Jimmy Kimmel household.

3:45: Rob invites Kimmel to come to Toronto for Doug’s 50th birthday in November, which is around the time of Jimmy’s birthday. Jimmy accepts the invitation: “I would love to be the party clown,” says the jester to the fool.

4:35: Jimmy says that if he goes to Toronto, he wants to sleep in Rob’s bed with him and his wife. Rob and Doug laugh, and the Ward 2 councillor says that they’d better not comment. That is correct, Doug—you probably shouldn’t.

5:00: Doug tells Jimmy to bring “his driver” to Toronto, too, although he can’t remember his name. Rob chimes in that it’s Guillermo, and it is clear from Rob’s expression that he loves everything about Guillermo.

5:36: After a really awkward exchange of Google Hangout goodbyes, the show ends, and we all wonder what just happened.

Well, that was the YouTube show in which Jimmy Kimmel was Rob Ford’s guest. Mind you, it was mostly Doug and Jimmy doing the talking—Rob spoke for only 1:06 of the 5:36 show, and about half of that was the introduction. That said, it was an easygoing show, even though the laugh lines and Rob saying that he has used the drunken forgetfulness excuse too much were uncomfortable given the context. But watching Rob Ford speak to Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube, we’re supposed to suspend our disbelief and decontextualize as much as possible, lest we remember that this is real life.

Three out of five Guillermos.

Thanks for reading, and God bless you, Raccoon Nation.


  • SamSam

    Thank you so much for watching/recapping so we don’t have to watch it. Love the snarky comments.

    • PatTO

      I agree with SamSam – thank you for taking one for the non-Fordnation team…

    • HotDang

      No one has to watch it.

  • Steveinto

    The funniest thing about this is they really believe Kimmel likes them and not just using them for comedy fodder.
    The look on Dougs face, what was that about?

  • AboveTheCity

    What is the point of all this?

    Good grief! Rob & Doug really don’t seem to get this – that they are being played very badly for fools. That Kimmel (and just about everyone watching any of these interactions) is laughing AT THEM not with them.

    Oh . . and there’s Rob admitting again to being so drunk, that he can’t remember what he’s done! Wait . . I thought he didn’t drink . . . or was it that he gave up drinking . . or that . . .Either way, that’s the height of professionalism, integrity and credibility, to admit being blind drunk on numerous occasions. “I’m not perfect. I’ve said ‘sorry’ and I’m moving on”

    • Notcleverguy

      I find it disturbing that Rob finds his own alcoholism funny.

  • Notcleverguy

    How come I totally think Rob and Doug only heard about TIFF from people in LA when they went down there and now mention it every time any discussion of celebrity or California comes up?

    • AboveTheCity

      . . . but . . Rob & Doug were in LA to PROMOTE the Toronto Film business! That’s right, two guys who know nothing about the film business or the movies, and who went out of their way to piss-off a Hollywood A-lister(Kevin Spacy). What great promoters and sales-people for the Toronto Film business!

      • Nick

        And Ford tried to meet the mayor of LA (who wasn’t in when he dropped by the LA City Hall) about bringing more film business to Toronto, except the mayor of LA is actually initiating a program to attract more filming to LA. Idiots.

    • jeangenie

      Meryl Candidate!

  • Dinah Might

    Jimmy Kimmel has a long history of collecting damaged, dysfunctional people and mining them for comedy. Previous examples include Gary Busey and Homeless Chewbacca Guy.

    Hey, two new members for the campaign team!

    • SonuvaScrimbro

      Oh my GOD! Wouldn’t that be the craziest Kimmel skit ever? Just get a collection of his past guests (Gary Busey!) to go door to door in Toronto canvassing on behalf of the mayor, only they read verbatim Ford quotes about his drunken stupors and eating in and whatnot?

  • Sum12

    So from Robbie’s comment, it seems his “I smoked crack cocaine only because I was in drunken stupor and didn’t know what I was doing” really was no more than a disingenuous excuse…

  • SonuvaScrimbro

    “1:06: Doug gets in a good line about Jimmy looking like a magician today—which echoes what Kimmel said about Rob during his late-night appearance in February.”

    All that time to come up with a good comeback to Kimmel’s line and the best he can do is repeat it? Ay yi yi… Don’t quit your day job, Doug. Wait, no, QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.

  • SonuvaScrimbro

    The scariest part about this extended piece of performance art? There’s a very good change Doug actually believes that Kimmel’s livelihood depends on Ford getting re-elected. I can see the Ford Nation T-shirt now: “VOTE FOR ROB – ONE JOB IN HOLLYWOOD DEPENDS ON IT.”

  • spicygarage

    You’re getting sloppy after years of fact-checking the Fords; you missed the most spectacular Ford Nation podcast achievement: zero lies in the entire episode!

    Of course, they discussed zero city issues in the entire episode…

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Y’know, I remember the good ‘ol days when the Brothers Dimm had their radio show. They at least tried to talk about issues concerning the city even if they lied and attacked those who opposed them. This awful rubbish “Ford Nation”? It’s all puffery, da bruddahs are like two school kids talking about how they got a few celebrity autographs. They seem to think that Rob being a celebrity himself is enough to get him re-elected. It’s sad and rather tragic.

  • Mark Dowling

    Has the legality of selling items (bobbleheads) on public property to raise campaign funds been clarified? Are records being kept for GST and so on?

    • wklis

      Friends of the late Jim Flaherty are exempt from GST? It’s in the micro-fine print.

  • Fred

    What’s with the echo? Are they recording this in a public toilet?

  • Niko Barrett

    Did I actually watch 3 mins of that? So bad. The bros Ford just sit like a still photograph in between close ups of Doug Ford while Rob tips his red face back in spastic laughter. Loaf like sweaty mess that he is. Notice there are no close up shots on Rob’s face. How kind. And kudos to Kimmel, that reaction shot at 3,29 jut says, ‘joke’s on you, you drunken imbecile’ . Also it sounds and appears to be filmed in a basement washroom…and can they flatten the crinkled backdrop, it’s embarrasing. Mind you not as embarrassing as what happens in front of it”