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Spotted: Giant Orange Crayons

Isn't the appearance of mysterious large crayons one of the first signs of spring?

SPOTTED BY: An observant reader

WHERE: Trinity Bellwoods Park

WHEN: Monday, April 7, 10:30 a.m.

WHAT: Four very large orange “crayons,” which suggest that Trinity Bellwoods Park is home either to (a) a group of tiny druids who practice strange colouring-related rites in and amongst these standing crayons, (b) a group of giant children who do not pick up after themselves, or (c) a creative and resourceful person who wanted to bring a touch of colour and whimsy to a city that’s sick of winter.

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  • Mattk

    The orange poles have been there for over a year, I think so that tightrope walkers don’t tie onto the trees. The crayola signs are a recent but welcome addition!

    • HotDang

      Urgh. I wasn’t aware that tying to the trees was damaging. Now I finally have a justification for my slack roper ire.

  • Notcleverguy

    Those look cool.

  • wklis

    As long as it does not say “Crayola For Mayor”, its fine.