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Kids Say the Rob Ford-est Things

In new video, child delivers standout performance of script written by our mayor.

Someone give this child a prize for best performance by a young person in a humorous Rob Ford–themed video. We believe her when she says she didn’t make a crack in the living-room door, and that she is not in the habit of making cracks. We understand her frustration when her father insists on asking the wrong questions. We’re inclined to forgive her when she admits to having made the crack, probably in one of her “sleepy stupors.” And we sympathize with her when she informs her father that she’s apologized for her wrongdoing and that it’s time to move on.

We don’t know whether this is the first in a series of “Rob Ford’s Words in the Mouth of a Child” videos—but there’s certainly enough additional mayoral material for a number of sequels.


  • herewardpooley

    Funny and so true.

    • Notcleverguy

      Yeah, that was good.

  • switcherdawna

    These are the words of a child that found their way to Rob Ford’s mouth… isn’t that what you mean?

  • Katie

    A little credit to the creators & actors would be great…

  • D.McGrath

    IT is SO BIZARRE that Clickjournalism can’t work hard enough to find people and GIVE SOME CREDIT. Julian T. Pinder Mark Ellam,Dennis Alexander Nicholson Producer John Laing and the amazing team at Urban Post, and of course Tony Nappo and his daughter ELLA. Ron Murphy made it. JEEZ!