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Extra, Extra: World Cup Bids, Cricket Stadium Dreams, and No Mandela Street for Rob Ford

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  • HotDang

    I’m surprised Ford is aware enough of his actions to be able to want to reopen those votes.

    • vampchick21

      I’ve noticed that when people yell loud enough and Doug isn’t there, you can sometimes get his attention, which is apparently what happened here.

  • Notcleverguy

    When I first heard of possibly renaming a street after Nelson Mandela (which I think is a good idea, I bet a lot of people didn’t know he did hold Canadian citizenship), I just knew this was something Ford would vote against, sadly it’s the first thing that popped into my mind.
    And while I love the idea of hosting a World Cup, is this something a city councilor should be heading up? World Cups are awarded to countries not cities, I think this is something Soccer Canada should be doing.

    • andrew97

      I’m in favor of renaming the street, but just to clarify: Mandela was an honorary citizen. According to Wikipedia, honorary citizens do not take the oath of citizenship and are not entitled to the normal rights of citizenship.

  • CYW

    I guess Doug wasn’t there to tell Rob what to do ….

  • AxelrodKinsella

    Nelson Mandela (Madiba) is a great Canadian and a favourite of
    many Toronto politicians who aspire to be just like him. City staff have been instructed to find a suitable street to be renamed in honour of the great man and we, the residents of Jack Layton Way, would like to make the sacrifice and have our street renamed Nelson Mandela Boulevard.

    • OgtheDim

      U know, if you are going to try the multiple account trolling thing, you really need to attempt to change your style.

    • Andrew

      “. . . we, the residents of Jack Layton Way . . .”

      Sorry to hear that you’re doing time in the Don Jail . . . but good to know that they give the prisoners internet access.