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Extra, Extra: National Canadian Film Day, Trustee Sam Gets Litigious, and Remembering Jonathan Jenkins

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A Mugwump from Naked Lunch tends bar at TIFF's David Cronenberg exhibit

A Mugwump from Naked Lunch tends bar at TIFF’s David Cronenberg exhibit.

  • Today is the first annual National Canadian Film Day—which means you should probably give thanks for the Canadian movies that have enriched your lives and celebrate by picking up two Canadian film rentals free of charge at Bay Street Video.
  • School trustee Sam Sotiropoulos, who sent out thousands of robocalls explaining he wasn’t a homophobe after he tried to convince the Toronto District School Board to get the City to enforce a nudity ban at the upcoming Pride parade, is now sending a potentially more litigious message. He has taken issue with an article NOW Magazine wrote about his loss of followers (“Homophobic trustee’s backers ask for money back”) and is insisting that unless Now “factually establishes” he is homophobic or issues an apology and retraction, he will be going after the publication under Ontario’s Libel and Slander Act.
  • Well-known and much-admired Toronto journalist Jonathan Jenkins died last night after a battle with cancer. He was known for, among many other things, his pursuit of the Rob Ford DUI story, his love of rugby, and his impressive rock-and-roll drumming.

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