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Extra, Extra: Crad Kilodney, Exploring the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, and When There Were Bike Lanes on Jarvis

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  • In today’s Star, Joe Fiorito remembers author Crad Kilodney, who was “a notorious crank, a curmudgeon, and an artist at odds with the world” and who wrote more than 30 books, one of which was called Lightning Struck My Dick (a title we do not believe is shared by any other work of Canadian literature). While he mostly hated Toronto, he was an enduring, eye-catching, iconoclastic presence on its streets for 20 years.
  • Some lucky people were given a behind-the-scenes, under-the-ground look yesterday at how construction is progressing on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. One unlucky person got a very different kind of sneak peek this morning when she drove her SUV into an Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction pit. She was, thankfully, unharmed.
  • Remember when there were bike lanes on Jarvis? Well, it turns out that when there were such things on Jarvis, the street was probably safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike—which is a shame, really, in that the City removed those bike lanes in November 2012.

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