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Duly Quoted: Jonny Dovercourt, on Diversity in Toronto’s Music Scene

Promoters are teaming up to bridge divides among Toronto's music communities.

“With our legendary cultural diversity, Toronto seems primed to be a musical melting pot, but instead we all seem to be stirring different cauldrons.”

-Jonathan Bunce, a.k.a. Jonny Dovercourt, talking to Spacing about the “genre-rigidity” of Toronto’s music scene. As it stands now, he explains, “you have indie-rock bands on one stage, hip-hop acts on another, electronic DJs on yet another, and culturally specific ‘world music’ tucked away on the other side of the proverbial parking lot.” To build connections and relationships among the city’s myriad music communities, Dovercourt, who’s the artistic director of Wavelength and well versed in punk, indie rock, and experimental, and Dalton Higgins, a promoter who’s involved in the hip-hop, reggae, and African music scenes, are joining forces to produce a new event called NICE. “Hopefully,” Dovercourt says, “we can demonstrate how good music can cross boundaries and create an awesome collective experience that couldn’t happen anywhere else but Toronto.”