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Duly Quoted: Councillor Maria Augimeri, on the Future of Downsview Park

Councillor wants to see the City of Toronto gain control of the park.

“Downsview is at the centre of Toronto, and as the centre moves northward, we should see Downsview as a place of reprieve and recreation, like a Central Park for Toronto. Downsview Park deserves a vision, and Downsview Park does not deserve the misdirection, indecision, and secret schemes which it has gotten by the federal government. It is time to give Downsview Park to the City of Toronto.”

-Councillor Maria Augimeri (Ward 9, York Centre), responding at a press conference today to news of a secret federal government memo outlining concerns Downsview Park might be sold, and launching the Set Downsview Free campaign, which seeks to have control of the park given to the City of Toronto.


  • milanista1

    Ahahaha. That’s funny stuff.
    While I’m all for Downsview Park actually becoming something of value, let’s not get carried away with statements like that. Keele and Sheppard is definitely not the centre of Toronto. Geographically, it might be somewhat close to the “centre” of the GTA.
    Also, I’m not sure if transferring ownership of this gigantic park to the city will fly in our current “any cent spent by the city is a cent wasted” political mindset, but I’m all for it becoming a better park for the city, no matter who owns it.

    • OpportKnocks

      The Torontoist answered that geographic centre question a while back, it is 33 Wanless Crescent. Downsview is only about 5km west, so not too far off

      • OgtheDim

        Bayview and Lawrence is not really close to Downsview, in mindset income or geography..

        • governmentlists

          ..and how exactly would you know the mindset of the population in Downsview, ‘OgtheDim’ ?

          • TheSotSays

            He thinks he’s “The Great Carsoni.”

          • OgtheDim

            A bit of time talking to people is a good education.

          • me with family dog Mike

            I’m out in my neighbourhood everyday talking to people. It is a good education.

  • governmentlists

    I suggest that milanista1 visit: ‘hundreds of mature trees gone from Downsview Land’

    • rich1299

      It sounded like they had a decent plan initially for the park, but then things changed for who know why. Just as, from what I’ve heard, an agreement had been reached between the park executive and locals the feds took over and went back to square one ignoring all that had been achieved so far. The biggest problem that Downsview faced right from its very beginning was its mandate to be totally self sufficient forbidden from accessing any tax money even though it was meant to benefit the public. They called it Canada’s first urban national park but unlike other national parks it got no support from our gov’t. Its why so much of it has had to be developed and why its taken so long to see anything happen there. Sadly it now seems increasingly likely that only a tiny portion of it will remain parkland.

      • me with family dog Mike

        You rich1299, are spot on, for update see

        For me it is so sad. Such a beautiful habitat of thousands of mature trees and shrubs. Since 2008/9, perhaps $80-100 million of GOC tax$ spent on moving millions of tons of dirt and sculpting drainage for Parc Downsview Park. Creating hills and valleys and a ‘Lake’ dug by up to 17 giant earth moving machines. I have it all archived in images. I’ve been there everyday many weeks since 2009 with family dog. I live close by and living here, I find it such BS. It gives nothing of quality to the Downsview neighbourhood habitat, nor to the home owners and residents. It does provide worsening traffic congestion, neighbourhood degradation and more proof of poor GOC vision. welcome new regional health care.

  • Jacob

    Yup. Give it to the city. Then the populist plans like casinos or shopping malls and ferris wheels can start flying.

    • OgtheDim

      NFL stadium……MLSE has bought the rights already BTW.

      • Notcleverguy

        The NFL isn’t coming to Toronto anytime soon.

        • OgtheDim

          Oh I know that, but a guy’s gotta dream when he’s in his office late at night burning things using a circular motion.

          • Notcleverguy

            Fair enough.

          • TheSotSays


          • dsmithhfx

            Fiery ferris wheel?

  • Jake

    Sorry, but “Central Park of Toronto” already belongs to High Park.