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Duly Quoted: Councillor Maria Augimeri, on the Future of Downsview Park

Councillor wants to see the City of Toronto gain control of the park.

“Downsview is at the centre of Toronto, and as the centre moves northward, we should see Downsview as a place of reprieve and recreation, like a Central Park for Toronto. Downsview Park deserves a vision, and Downsview Park does not deserve the misdirection, indecision, and secret schemes which it has gotten by the federal government. It is time to give Downsview Park to the City of Toronto.”

-Councillor Maria Augimeri (Ward 9, York Centre), responding at a press conference today to news of a secret federal government memo outlining concerns Downsview Park might be sold, and launching the Set Downsview Free campaign, which seeks to have control of the park given to the City of Toronto.