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Spotted: Someone Looking for a Tuba Player to Follow Rob Ford Around

Please note: a trombone player would also be acceptable.

Screenshot from Craigslist.

SPOTTED BY: Several local reporters.

WHERE: On Craigslist.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 25.

WHAT: A want ad that quite clearly states what it is it wants: a tuba (or perhaps trombone) player willing to follow the mayor around for a day (while playing the instrument, obviously) in exchange for $125. This does not appear to be part of an irreverent political action intended to draw attention to the circus-like atmosphere of the non-stop spectacle that is City Hall—instead, it looks as if it’s related to a website that provides somewhat sneaky and underhanded suggestions about how to avoid paying for things/fulfilling responsibilities (Example: “Take a picture with your phone anytime you see a traffic jam, a flat tire, or funeral procession. Use them later when you’re late for something and have no real excuse”)—which means that the website and the mayor could be said to have a certain amount in common, and that maybe someone should start following the site creators around with a tuba (or trombone), because it sounds as if they might also have it coming.

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  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Or perhaps a guy with a ghetto blaster playing “Yakkity Sax”, the theme from the Benny Hill Show?

    • Paul Kishimoto

      The Internet (of four months ago) hears you, and grants your request:

  • Notcleverguy

    This is hilarious, Rob Ford’s life needs a comical score.

  • Andrew

    Bring back declassified!!!

  • Used2LoveTO

    Why not mount a GoPro on Rob for a day. Great POV potential.

  • Ashley

    I do not play tuba but if anyone would lend me one for the day I will do this. The fact that I can’t play is irrelevant. In fact it might make it better,

  • CYW

    I play a recorder … the flute a bec. Will that do?