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Spotted: Anti-Ford Campaign Signs

Because "anyone's better than Rob Ford."

SPOTTED BY: Friends of Trinity Bellwoods Park

WHERE: Trinity Bellwoods Park

WHEN: Monday, March 31

WHAT: Unusually straightforward campaign posters courtesy of imaginary anti-Ford candidates—and, it seems, the No Ford Nation campaign, which we mentioned just the other day, and which appears poised to make increasingly public and eye-catching political statements. It is perhaps sobering that a parody campaign has created signs that look better than the real thing, and invented candidates who could probably make a pretty respectable showing in the actual election.


  • B

    Odd that they highlighted only the ford nation part of the URL.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Are we going to see these signs in the streets? It’s a lot of effort wasted if the only people who see them are already aware of their site.

    • dsmithhfx

      It’s probably meant to go viral. I expect that, wherever placed the signs will be torn down within a couple of hours (and if on private property, the owners could be charged with violating some elections act or other). Be more subversive as smaller posters that aren’t so easy to spot from passing cars.

    • Ronda Zwierz

      Lowering taxes is a right wing scam. The only people who benefit from lower taxes are the ones who pay the most tax – like Ford himself who likely pays a bundle based on his millions.

      For example, remember the GST tax cut – 2%. That means that when Joe Average goes to Tim’s and gets his double-double, he’ll get an extra nickel back. Woohoo! When Mr. One Percent buys his new Mercedes (which he does every year), he gets an extra $2,000 back. Who’s pocket is the money going into? The right has brainwashed everyone into thinking lower taxes are good for them. sigh. All they lead to is less service and more user fees – which hurt the people who are paying less tax!

      It’s part of a process called “Starving the Beast”. First, you cut taxes. That creates a crisis because it could lead to a deficit, so you cut services. After people get used to the lower service level, you cut taxes. Lather, rinse, repeat…

  • some downtown fag

    funny enough – but how many Ford Nation folk frequent Trinity Bellwoods Park? Try posting them in Ford Nation territory. Or was the point to be all clever and downtown elitist (in which case this only hardens Ford Nation’s resolve)?

    • OgtheDim

      Given 25% of the downtown voted for Ford last time, its not exactly elitist to address people living in those neighbourhoods who voted for the man.

      • dsmithhfx

        Yeah, if you’re gonna impress the scroogeburbs it will have to be about waste and taxes. And Ford’s got plenty to answer for on both counts.

        • TheSotSays

          So for starters why don’t you see if you can impress me?

  • HotDang

    This reminds me of how, after the last election, Ford got off the hook for paying thousands of dollars of fines for having his campaign signs in several parks by promising it wasn’t his fault. It’s relatively minor as far as his infractions go, but it still sticks in my craw.

  • Notcleverguy

    These are in public parks? Over/under on how many Ford will personally urinate on, 25.5

    • wklis

      What about Douglas B. Ford Park on Royal York Road near Lawrence Avenue West?

      • TheSotSays

        I’ve found that my most trying moments of self discipline take place when I’m passing that new bicycle statue down at the Ferry Docks.

        • OgtheDim

          “See…See..See…..I can make all those people mad by saying something on the internet.”

          “But, Mom, I told you its a skill.”

          “Yeah I can use it in college.”

          • TheSotSays

            “Make people mad” ???

            I’m not absolutely certain but I think you’re confused and should check your dictionary.

            Madness is defined as a quality or condition of insanity. It’d be a complete waste of time for anyone to approach you and attempt a modification of that. The idea is preposterous.

          • dsmithhfx

            “Madness is defined as a quality or condition of insanity.”

            If anyone would know…

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Those odds would increase if they put them near Ford’s house.

  • MER1978

    They’re being removed what do you think happens when somebody files a complaint?

  • OgtheDim

    Isn’t that crack smoking tehcnically speaking illegal? You can smoke stuff like tobacoo I think.

    If AdamCF and company would be seen to smoking crack, Fordinistas would have filed a complaint to the cops already. Fordinistas are such hypocrites.

    • TheSotSays

      Average Federal MP expenses – approx $470,000
      Olivia Chow MP expenses – approx $530,000

      Fact – In the minds of most taxpayers $530,000 MP expenses trumps 5o bucks worth of crack

      • MER1978

        … and a 100% unneeded billion dollar subway for no extra benefit over the no additional cost LRT plan that was cancelled?

        • Notcleverguy

          Why are you guys even arguing with this Sot disaster?
          Weak inaccurate facts while acting like a know it all and needlessly insulting people, this clown doesn’t deserve the time you guys spent on him/her/it.

          • MER1978

            I was bored.. sorry everyone without a Sot in their nick. :D

      • MER1978

        Actually waste of money subway aside… the transit cancellation costs from Ford’s various actions are going to cost us at least $65 million.

        • TheSotSays

          Actually Ford has only one vote out of 45

          And actually the cancellation was due to Miller’s actions in forcing a proposal that in the final analysis council didn’t want

          So once again it’s a Miller fiasco and that’s why Rob Ford was elected by about 385,000 ratepayers to look at it and clean it up.

          • MER1978

            Fiasco… oh you mean massively upgrading transit for most of Toronto’s suburbs using the technology that any other city in the world would use for the same density and travel patterns?

            Instead we’re blowing an extra billion dollars for a tiny subway extension… yeah Rob Ford is a real hero… for people that want this city to slowly die.

          • TheSotSays

            When you add it to Miller’s cost over run on St. Clair, his cost over run on Union Station, his two-bit pay toilets and his negligent neglect of the Gardiner you can pretty much see why about 385,000 ratepayers wanted a different approach

            Rob Ford has one vote so if you think $1 billion was blown go talk to the left wing crackpots if you can get to them before we throw them out of office..

          • MER1978

            It’s almost as if you don’t know how much a billion is.

          • TheSotSays

            Rob Ford has one vote so if you think $1 billion was blown go talk to the left wing crackpots if you can get to them before we throw them out of office.

            I forgot to mention that High Ho Clayton Ruby didn’t do the NDP much good either.

          • MER1978

            You can’t play both sides of crazy sorry Fraud Nation.. Your fearless moron errr I mean leader claims full credit for the massive waste of money subway extension.. Oh wait are you calling him a liar?

          • TheSotSays

            Certainly Ford claims the credit. He was able to convince enough people on council that they would be thrown out of office if they didn’t vote for what he considered his elected mandate to expand the subway system and get as much TTC junk as possible buried underground.

            Another reason the NDP is going to be turfed is on account of Gord Perks flying off the handle and almost needing a straight jacket, screaming: “Get out, get out, get out of my chamber, you’re a disgrace.”

            You actually remind me of Gord Perks

          • MER1978

            Ah good we’re back to Rob Ford being very much responsible for the huge waste of money subway extension… do feel free to explain how a billion dollars for zero benefit is respectful of taxpayer dollars.

          • MER1978

            You do realise the list of who voted is public knowledge right? Oh look none of the usual “lefties” are on the list.. Gee it’s almost like you’re full of crap or something.

          • TheSotSays

            “Oh look”
            “Oh wait”

            Where do you people learn to talk like that?

          • dsmithhfx

            North American patois.

          • TheSotSays

            I didn’t know you were the mouth piece for “MER 1978” but hopefully it pays enough to keep you off the backs of the ratepayers.

            Nevertheless I didn’t ask him what it was I asked him where he learned it. But regardless of that your response, as usual, is confused and incorrect and referring to it as “North American” gives it too broad a base. It’s a local dialect that we refer to as NDP Verbal Foppery. Its usage appears to be restricted to the funny little trollers employed by the NDP to further their Toronto agenda.

            I first had the pleasure of hearing it used while standing at the corner of Queen and Bay waiting for the light to change. Dave Miller walked by on his way to Starbucks and he was talking to one of his funny little workers who had a very loud voice.

            Miller was nodding at the guy as if he understood him and it was at that moment that I began to appreciate the full extent of the communication problem between the Toronto NDP and the rest of the world. It’s likely why Rob Ford’s supporters love him so much.

          • MER1978

            Now that you’ve got your NDP/David Miller irrelevant blathering out of the way… back to the actual topic… the billion dollar Scarborough subway extension will provide zero additional benefit… it isn’t a colossal waste of money how?

            Rob Ford’s 2010 subway promise…
            “My plan does not include any new taxes, tolls or congestion charges.”

            But but but he didn’t say he wouldn’t massively increase existing taxes… of course he didn’t… that was only the main point of the rest of his platform… he isn’t a massive liar at all.

          • TheSotSays

            “Yup” Ford’s plan does not include new taxes, PERIOD.
            So go and take the matter up with the council flakes you support who voted for what we have.

            I’m happy. I want subways because I want the TTC junk off the roads and underground as soon as possible.

          • MER1978

            Which council flakes do I support again… lefties/Liberal/NDP … still waiting for you to explain which obviously left wing councillors voted for the wasteful subway.

            “I want subways because I want the TTC junk off the roads”

            I’m sure that would make for a fantastic debate about something other than the wasteful billion dollar Scarborough subway extension… but since the LRT like the existing SRT would not interact with traffic at all… still a massive waste of money sorry.

          • MER1978

            You have to pick a lie… either Rob Ford lied when he promised 100% privately funded subways in the 2010 campaign or he lied when he took full credit for the wasteful billion dollar Scarborough subway extension which only became possible with a massive tax increase… can’t have it both ways Fraud Nation… sorry your hero is BS.

          • TheSotSays

            I’ve sorted through the lies and rejected every single word coming from you and from the NDP Troller Syndicate.

            I also listened carefully to Rob Ford when he was on Radio 1010 so I know exactly how he believes a proper subway program can come together. And you are in complete ignorance.

            My intention is to vote for Rob Ford as mayor and to vote against the current NDP flake councillor in my ward in favour of anyone who comes forward to run against him.

          • MER1978

            “I also listened carefully to Rob Ford when he was on Radio 1010 so I know exactly how he believes a proper subway program can come together.”

            Rob Ford and his zombie nation can believe anything they want… doesn’t make him or his followers any less full of crap.

            FACT: On their radio show the Fords said the subway extension would cost $5 per household per year.

            FACT: The tax increase for the subway extension will cost about $40 per household per year.

            FACT: On their radio show the Fords said the original LRT plan would cost $3 per household per year.

            FACT: The tax increase for the original LRT plan would have been $0 as it was already fully funded and no additional funds from the city were required.

          • TheSotSays

            Gord Perks will sell you an NDP Fluffy Mitt with a photo of Leon Trotsky on it. Why don’t you call him?

          • MER1978

            More pathetic deflection… anything else?

          • TheSotSays


          • MER1978

            Billion dollar tax increase.

          • dsmithhfx

            And three words send you into a frenzy.

          • MER1978

            It’s ok I get that you can’t actually come up with any real arguments to support the obscenely wasteful billion dollar subway extension.

          • TheSotSays

            As far as I can tell you “get” nothing
            Assuming that in the language of Toronto NDP Foppery, “get” means the same as the English term “understand.”

          • MER1978

            More irrelevant blathering about nothing.

            It’s very simple… the billion dollar Scarborough subway is not a collosal waste of money because…

          • MER1978

            In the “final analysis”… so what new information did Rob Ford bring to the debate…

            1. On CFRB the Fords said the subway would cost $5 per household per year… vs. the $40 per household per year reality.

            2. On CFRB the Fords said the LRT would cost $3 per household per year… vs. the $0 per household per year reality.

            3. In one of his several lies during the debate itself Rob Ford claimed that the LRT would have to stop at red lights and would disrupt traffic… meanwhile anyone with google maps can see the existing SRT route doesn’t interact with car traffic at all.

          • TheSotSays

            Ford has one vote only out of 45. Take it up with the tax and spend flakes you support.

          • MER1978

            It must hurt talking out of both sides of your mouth all the time… guess it’s difficult when no matter how you look at it Rob Ford lied… because he’s a compulsive liar.

          • TheSotSays

            No, the members of the NDP Troller Syndicate are compulsive liars.

            Rob Ford may be the only member of the current dysfunctional council who can be trusted absolutely to deploy his efforts and votes as he promises. THE ONLY ONE

            Ford has my vote. Olivia $530,000 Chow, does not.

          • MER1978

            “Rob Ford may be the only member of the current dysfunctional council who can be trusted absolutely to deploy his efforts and votes as he promises. THE ONLY ONE”

            Give it a rest Fraud Nation… Rob Ford’s Scarborough subway promise was like he promised to get you a free trip to the Bahamas then handed you plane tickets and proudly told you he bought them with your VISA.

          • TheSotSays

            You phrase your responses the same way Flake Smithfx does

            I’m voting for Ford and against anything with a sniff of NDP about it.

          • MER1978

            You’re voting for Rob Ford out of spite and ignorance… did you want a medal or something… I don’t think that reasoning is uncommon amongst Fraud Nation zombies.

          • TheSotSays

            “It usually takes about three days to transform a high-functioning troll into a babbling idiot.” You seem to be responding to treatment.

          • MER1978

            Yeah I’m the troll blathering on about BS NDP conspiracies on a progressive blog site… keep trying Fraud Nation… don’t give up hope… if you repeat lies and misinformation enough other zombies from Fraud Nation will grunt to acknowledge your intense ignorance.

          • rich1299

            I’ll grant you that Rob Ford votes the way he says he will though very few on city council don’t do the exact same thing and vote against something they said they would support. That is about the only thing Ford is ever truthful about however. When it comes to pretty much everything else the man is a chronic compulsive liar and at best a part time mayor. I’ve never before heard of any politician whose speeches are noted for their lies per minute. He’s lied about everything up until the point that irrefutable evidence of his lying is produced and sometimes not even then. When the court documents from Florida showing he was convicted of drunk driving were produced he still kept on insisting that he was only convicted of refusing to take a breathalyzer.

            Ford doesn’t even seem to like doing the work of mayor though its clear he craves the attention being mayor gives him. At best he’s a part time mayor who comes to work late and leaves early, if Ford had to actually work for a living he’d be fired very quickly for incompetence, being inebriated on the job, and laziness. He can’t even bother to learn what LRTs are before deciding to support them or not. He’s opposed to surface transit not because LRTs are in any inadequate for the planned routes but because he doesn’t want to have to see public transit or transit riders when he drives around town.

            It doesn’t matter to Ford if it means the city taking on about $1 billion in debt for an un-needed subway on a transit route better served by LRT that wouldn’t cost the city a penny for construction or operating costs. It doesn’t matter to Ford that taking on such debt will mean serious delays for the desperately needed expansion of the TTC since Ford couldn’t care less about people who use transit, his only concern is for single occupant car drivers. When he said the non-existent war on cars was over what he meant was that he was declaring war on public transit and those who use city services.

            Its no accident that overcrowding on the TTC has increased or that they’ve not been able to maintain the streetcar fleet leading to the shortages during frigid weather. Ford cut the budget of the least funded transit system, the TTC, by 10% and refused to increase funding to keep up with inflation which in practice is another cut. Its also no accident that complaints about slow city service are way up as well since the city is understaffed by several thousand workers from even the reduced workforce Ford wanted. There aren’t enough city HR workers to hire the number of of new city staff needed to even meet the reduced workforce.

            While the city crumbles and major issues have to be decided the mayor is taking phone calls about pot holes which isn’t even a small part of a mayor’s job. Considering how much time out of his part time hours he spends doing the work of a 311 operator you really have to wonder just how little time he spends doing the actual job of a mayor. Even then he does it extremely poorly, city council still functions only because we have a weak mayor system. If we had a strong mayor system like the twin mayors wanted Toronto would be in serious trouble with Ford as mayor.

        • Ronda Zwierz

          That was only the first cancellation. the second cost another $85 million, plus lost us $400 million in guaranteed funding. That’s just so far. We also have to cancel contracts with Bombardier for LRT cars and that will cost us even more.

          Even on the garbage file – they sold city assets to the contractor for 10 cents on the dollar! I wouldn’t even count savings until that money is recouped. Ford not only counts them, but he counts them for the full 7 years as if they had already happened.

  • Dinah Might

    Ignore TheSotSays.