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OPP Takes on Oversight Role in Project Brazen 2

Bill Blair asked the OPP to assume an oversight role in the ongoing investigation, and the OPP has agreed to the request.

Police Chief Bill Blair at a press conference in summer 2013.

In the midst of an escalating and unprecedented war of words between Rob and Doug Ford and Bill Blair, the OPP has agreed to an oversight role in the ongoing criminal investigation Project Brazen 2, which involves the mayor of Toronto.

Blair made the request “to avoid the distractions that have assumed such prominence,” a reference to claims made by the Ford brothers that the police chief is biased and out to get the mayor at any cost.

Doug Ford filed a complaint against the police chief last week, alleging a conflict of interest over a fishing trip he took with board member Andy Pringle and calling on the chief to resign. Rob Ford then dared the chief to arrest him, refused to apologize for calling the chief a “cocksucker,” and criticized the Project Brazen 2 investigation for being a waste of money that had not resulted in anything meaningful (although Ford’s friend Sandro Lisi was charged with extortion).

The text of the letter is below:

Dear Commissioner Lewis,

As discussed in our recent phone call, I am writing to make a formal request that the Ontario Provincial Police assume an oversight role with respect to Project Brazen 2. As you are aware, Project Brazen 2 arose from the Toronto Police Service’s year-long Project Traveller, focusing on organized crime, violence, guns and drugs.

I am taking this step to avoid the distractions that have assumed such recent prominence. The only public interest here is the continued investigation, without fear or favour, into evidence of possible criminality.

Yours truly,

William Blair, C.O.M.
Chief of Police


  • OgtheDim

    Oversight is not the same as doing. Brazen 2 probably has just become a joint task force.

    With emphasis on joint.

  • Paul Kishimoto

    Going, for the moment, with the “war of words” metaphor: The third paragraph describes “hostile actions” by Rob and Doug Ford only.

    I know that Bill Blair, when asked about the video of the mayor smoking crack, said he was “disappointed.” Asked about being called a “cocksucker” by the mayor, he was “deeply offended” and called it “disgusting.”

    It’s a matter of debate whether those were appropriate things to say under these extraordinary circumstances (even if they honestly represent his personal reactions). But what profanities has Blair used to describe Rob Ford & co.? What conflicts of interest has he alleged? Has he accused *them* of wasting money?

    If none and not, maybe the war metaphor promotes a false equivalence.

    • Whitebox

      Not a war, just a siege.

    • PlantinMoretus

      “maybe the war metaphor promotes a false equivalence”

      Except that there is no rule that any war has to have any equivalence whatsoever.

      Anyway, the expression is “war of words”, not really the same thing as a war metaphor.

    • Canadianskeezix

      I think you are being overly generous to the Fords to say that it’s “a matter of debate whether those were appropriate things to say under these extraordinary circumstances”. Agree that the term “war of words” has been misused, since it is only the Fords lobbing grenades at Blair, not the other way around.

    • torontothegreat

      The Anglo-Zanzibar war that only lasted 45 minutes might be an apt comparison. One side had political power and the other side had military power. The Royal Navy just let it fly and the Sultan and his ilk were quite literally decimated (500 casualties compared to 1 casualty for the Brits).

  • Seymour

    Can you hear the police sirens coming Rob?

  • hypocriteseverywhere

    Seriously, exactly what is Chief Blair investigating that he can commit millions of taxpayers $$$ and 6 to 12 officers. Marijuana trafficking?
    This whole Mayor Ford/Chief Blair thing is too weird!

    • Canadianskeezix

      It’s quite obviously not just “marijuana trafficking”.

    • 2615152613

      I’d say ensuring the Mayor isn’t or his office hasn’t been infiltrated by criminals is rather important. If you’re prepared to accept without investigation the suggestion that the Mayor or members of his office might be actual criminals, as opposed to metaphorical criminals stealing our money, you’re more likely to see your money actually stolen.

      • Paul Kishimoto

        “like 75 something percent of the population”

        Ha! Nice :)

    • Marc

      I think investigating the mayor’s possible involvement with gun trafficking gangs is well worth the price tag.

    • HotDang

      Are you suggesting that “too many dollars spent on investigation” is a suitable reason to close a case?

      • hypocriteseverywhere

        What’s the case? A photograph of what?

        • Notcleverguy

          You do know the are pouring through the digital data of all the conversations between the already charged Lisi and Ford, Heck, if they find a, “Sandro, you know what to do, go out and take care of these guys” that could be construed as conspiracy to commit extortion at best or conspiracy to commit murder at worst. You can’t sit there and say it’s about a photograph. None of us know, but to mitigate it as something trivial is a bad approach.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      It seems you are giving our admitted drug-addicted, gang-affiliated, publicly-intoxicated mayor the benefit of the doubt while calling into question the motives of the guy in charge of investigating drug crimes, gang crimes, and other criminal acts.

      • hypocriteseverywhere

        What’s the case? No one knows?
        There is no case?
        Need a 100 million more taxpayer $$$$! for the next budget increase!

        • vampchick21

          Ford Nation Spotted.

        • mytwocentsworth

          Be patient, hypocrites, be patient. The cops don’t usually tell us the details, until they’ve completed their investigation, do they. Maybe RoFo will be swept up in the dragnet, maybe not. But we have to let the police do their job. Meanwhile, you could go volunteer in a soup kitchen, and make yourself useful.

          • ArnieGeddon

            Gawd, I hope we see him doing his own peculiar brand of the perp walk – a combination of his failed attempt to take a snap on the football field, a failed attempt to step off of a scale, and his apparently decent bumbaclot thing – for two simple reasons: Ample anecdotal evidence that he drinks and drives, and that he gets … er … overly playful and exuberant with his wife. How the Ford Nayshun nitwits can defend this guy is beyond comprehension ….

    • OpportKnocks

      In case you have not been paying attention, the crime is extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion in conjunction with Lisi’s (and possibly others) attempts to obtain the Crack Video.

      • rich1299

        The sky’s the limit when it comes to charges Ford could be facing.

        • dsmithhfx

          The Fords certainly seem to inhabit a criminal mileau. There have been beatings, murders, threats, guns, gangs and hard drugs.

      • vampchick21

        The only thing they’re paying attention to is the massive pile of BS spewing forth from the blowholes of Rob and Doug Ford.

    • Onthe sidelines

      Could the concern be that the mayor has been extorted or blackmailed, or was at least vulnerable to same. Presumably the police would care a great deal if the blackmailers were interested in access to City or police information or for the mayor to exercise influence inappropriately, or just be inattentive/indiscrete with confidential info.

  • OgtheDim


    If you have proof that Libs “stole” money from the gas plant fiasco, please pass it onto the OPP.

    Right now, by all accounts, all they got are deleted emails, which are not exactly the same as smoking crack with the Crips.

    i.e. the money on the gas plant fiasco went to people who normally get money for breaking contracts.

    • OpportKnocks

      The gas plant “smell” issue is that there were Liberal party connected lawyers on both sides of the negotiating table collecting huge fees while giving the gas plant consortium more profit than if the signed contracts had been seen through to completion.

      I believe there still is an ongoing OPP investigation.

  • rich1299

    It seems most likely that Blair doesn’t wish to give any grounds for an appeal to Ford which suggests charges are extremely likely and probably fairly soon. They’ve got a search warrant for all of Lisi’s computer storage devices including the cloud service he uses, apparently Lisi recorded everything so who knows what they’ll find or have already found to finally nail Ford.

  • Scottdaryle

    What strikes me as absurd is the lengths officer of the law must go to in order to appease the Ford cult-following rabble who believe anything the two brothers spew out. After witnessing the Fords getting caught red handed lying, bullying, threatening to kill, urinating in parks, drunk driving, using crack, ordering prison beatings, throwing candy canes at children during parades, knocking over other councillors, purposefully embarrassing Canada on American talk shows, and calling the Chief of police a ****sucker, I am aghast that there are still Torontonians out there capable of such dim witted sycophancy.
    All criminals say they are innocent. Should the head of the OPP take over every criminal investigation? The law officer good guys should have the trust and support of the population rather than clearly dirty politicians. Shame on Ford Nation.

  • Notcleverguy

    Again Rob Ford shows his complete lack of self awareness and lack of understanding of just about everything with his quote when learning that the OPP is taking over the oversight,
    “The damage has already been done”. Seriously, what damage? They will either find him guilty of a criminal offense and charge him, or they may not, but not because of anything the police or Bill Blair did, it will be a result of what Rob Ford has done.
    I honestly think the man has a mental illness that needs to be addressed before he steps back into city hall ever again. No one with the thought process he and his brother both share should be trusted with the public good. These are sick men.

  • torontothegreat

    Here you go!

  • Notcleverguy

    Wow, why is this the mantra used against anyone who would be uncomfortable with a criminal as our mayor?

    • vampchick21

      Because people who make these statements can’t comprehend the facts presented to them in any given argument, so they fall back on the adult version of the “Oh yeah, well….” of the schoolyard. And they seem to believe that anyone with at least an average IQ level and the ability to figure out and understand facts as some kind of threat to their blessed little bubble of sheer ignorance.

      I also suspect inbreeding plays a part, but that’s just me being super mean. :)

      • Notcleverguy

        It always amazes me how these types (Ford Nation) know so many personal details about anonymous people on-line, and love how they always cap it with a slam about someones IQ, especially after showing next to none themselves. Ford supporters are such a tiresome group.

        LOL to the inbred line as well, that was funny.

  • vampchick21

    My gods, you are a complete and total idiot. Point blank. I mean, why waste my breath explaining to you everything wrong with your ranty little statement when you lack the mental capability to comprehend, well, anything?

    I mean, I’m surprised you can use a computer to be honest. That’s just how stupid your post made you look. Do you understand that?

    Probably not.

  • 2615152613

    Assuming you’re not an anti-social Fordite troll chillin with Marvin “The Weasel” Elkind let me say the following: If earning money and getting bling is the most important thing in life, as many of your sort believe, one would wonder why you think working in government would be low IQ given that your type often asserts 1) government workers make boat loads of money and 2) higher pay attracts higher calibre employees. So, you believe people who work in government are dumb but they, likely in your mind, make lots of money. Even if you don’t believe 2) presumably, on the face of it, 1) would make them smart because they go where the money allegedly is. Wouldn’t that make you the idiot for not working in government? Perhaps you couldn’t make the cut and are embittered?

  • mytwocentsworth

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve (fortunately) never been on welfare.

    Your Blair comment makes no sense to me, but it prompts me to suggest that you ‘should’ get anger-management help.