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OPP Takes on Oversight Role in Project Brazen 2

Bill Blair asked the OPP to assume an oversight role in the ongoing investigation, and the OPP has agreed to the request.

Police Chief Bill Blair at a press conference in summer 2013.

In the midst of an escalating and unprecedented war of words between Rob and Doug Ford and Bill Blair, the OPP has agreed to an oversight role in the ongoing criminal investigation Project Brazen 2, which involves the mayor of Toronto.

Blair made the request “to avoid the distractions that have assumed such prominence,” a reference to claims made by the Ford brothers that the police chief is biased and out to get the mayor at any cost.

Doug Ford filed a complaint against the police chief last week, alleging a conflict of interest over a fishing trip he took with board member Andy Pringle and calling on the chief to resign. Rob Ford then dared the chief to arrest him, refused to apologize for calling the chief a “cocksucker,” and criticized the Project Brazen 2 investigation for being a waste of money that had not resulted in anything meaningful (although Ford’s friend Sandro Lisi was charged with extortion).

The text of the letter is below:

Dear Commissioner Lewis,

As discussed in our recent phone call, I am writing to make a formal request that the Ontario Provincial Police assume an oversight role with respect to Project Brazen 2. As you are aware, Project Brazen 2 arose from the Toronto Police Service’s year-long Project Traveller, focusing on organized crime, violence, guns and drugs.

I am taking this step to avoid the distractions that have assumed such recent prominence. The only public interest here is the continued investigation, without fear or favour, into evidence of possible criminality.

Yours truly,

William Blair, C.O.M.
Chief of Police