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Extra, Extra: Toronto’s B-Day, Erroneous Toronto B-Day Proclamations, and Rob Ford Loves Magnets

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  • It’s Toronto’s birthday today! Our city turned 180 years old, and what better way to honour its beginnings than to read this list of 180 “memorable people,” take issue with some of the choices, and then participate in a vigorous debate in the comments section.
  • The City’s City of Toronto Day proclamation managed to proclaim some rather dubious things. The original version, for example, referred to Toronto as a country. But even once that error had been corrected, the proclamation featured a certain amount of misinformation. The first sentence reads: “Whereas on March 6, 1834, the City of Toronto became incorporated as a town, formally known as the City of York.” Jamie Bradburn, one of Torontoist‘s own Historicists, suggested the sentence would be more accurate, and significantly less wrong, if it instead read something like: “Whereas on March 6, 1834, the Town of York became incorporated as a city, formally known as the City of Toronto.”
  • If being a mayor were all about touring apartment buildings and handing out magnets during work hours…actually, it seems being a mayor can just pretty much involve touring apartment buildings and handing out magnets during work hours, because that’s what Rob Ford got up to today.
  • Another candidate might soon be entering the mayoral race: Trinity-Spadina MP Olivia Chow is expected to file her nomination papers at some point before St. Patrick’s Day. No word yet on how much of every day Chow would be prepared to devote to either touring apartment buildings or handing out magnets if she were to be elected.

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