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Extra, Extra: Strombo Night in Canada, Lining Up for Honest Ed’s/Bieber, and Rob Ford Visits More Apartments

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Photo by Flickr user PinkMoose.

  • It’s a done deal: George Stroumboulopoulos will be the new host of Hockey Night in Canada. Some important details, though, have yet to be confirmed: the Star reports that “Strombo neither confirmed nor denied whether he would wear a tie on HNIC.”
  • Some people waited hours and hours outside Honest Ed’s today in the hopes of picking up a sign; some people waited hours and hours outside a Toronto courthouse today in the hopes of seeing Justin Bieber. The other week, people waited hours and hours for grilled cheese sandwiches. And then, of course, there were those mayoral bobbleheads. We can conclude only one thing: Torontonians are certainly willing to form and then wait in lines.
  • At the rate Mayor Rob Ford is going, not one apartment building will go un-visited before the election. And according to Ford, every building he visits will soon discover all its troubles are at an end: “Every building I go into, I make sure it’s cleaned up.”

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