Extra, Extra: Honest Ed's Does Good, Ford and Kelly at the Home Show, and Pan-Am Traffic Dreams | news | Torontoist
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Extra, Extra: Honest Ed’s Does Good, Ford and Kelly at the Home Show, and Pan-Am Traffic Dreams

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  • If you were one of the determined and patient people who lined up for hours to pick up an Honest Ed’s sign the other day, you’ll be glad to hear that, thanks in part to your determination, patience, and money, the sale raised $17,815 for Victim Services Toronto. And if you’re one of the people currently trying to sell one of those signs on the internet, perhaps you might consider donating a portion of your future profit to Victim Services Toronto.
  • A tale of two (sort-of) mayors: a photo from today’s National Home Show opening features Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly cutting a fancy ribbon with giant novelty scissors while Mayor Ford stands in the back, kind of underneath a large red umbrella.
  • Officials for the 2015 Pan-Am Games would very much like it if local traffic could be reduced by 20 per cent during the games. It would also, of course, be nice if traffic could be reduced by far more than that, and for always.

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