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Extra, Extra: Appreciate Your TTC Driver, Touring 1950s Bathurst Street, and Doug Ford Swears

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

  • Today is Transit Driver Appreciation Day. The special day was first marked in Seattle in 2009, and March 18 was settled on because it was apparently on that day in 1662 that bus service first made its appearance in Paris, France. Don’t worry if you managed to forget all about it: there’s probably still time to print off one of these driver-appreciating cards and give it to a TTC driver near you. (Our clear favourites: “You really pick me up! Thanks” and “Because you rock, I roll.”)
  • Did you know that the Royal Norwegian Air Force flew out of the Island Airport during the Second World War? Or that the land at the foot of Bathurst Street didn’t exist until the 1920s? Well, you soon will, if you take this “bird’s-eye tour of the foot of Bathurst Street in the 1950s.”
  • Doug Ford said things today. He said, for example, that his initial response to the most recent video of a slurring and unsteady Rob Ford had been: “Shit, he didn’t look as bad as I thought.” He also had something to say about Olivia Chow, Rob Ford, and drinking: “You may despise Rob Ford, but I know deep in your heart, if you had Olivia Chow taking care of your bank account or Rob Ford, you wouldn’t care if Rob had 10 beers because he’d watch every single penny.”

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