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Extra, Extra: 3D Rob Fords, Olivia Chow Enters the Mayoral Race, and the Long and Endless Winter

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Photo from www.shapeways.com.

  • Because you’re always looking for additions to the elaborate Rob Ford–themed diorama you’re building—which at this point doubtless contains action figures, bobbleheads, and garden gnomes—you might want to pick up a 3D-printed figurine of “Rob Ford Canada’s Mayor of Toronto.” The version pictured features our mayor holding a pink donut and a rock (“because everyone loves rocks!!”), but you can request really any item you’d like—perhaps “a mini whiskey bottle, a cigarette, or an engagement ring!!”
  • Olivia Chow has now officially entered the mayoral race, and the attack websites are already up and running: here, for example, you can learn about the fact that Chow may have broken “the strict guidelines around using taxpayer money” for political advertising and that this possible fact has been “Authorized by the John Tory for Mayor Campaign.”
  • We hope you’ve already started shopping for all the special people on your list, because Christmas is only…actually, Christmas isn’t for a long time. This is March. It’s just the weather that’s making it feel as if we’re stuck in mid-December.

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