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Duly Quoted: Ford Lawyer Dennis Morris, on his Client’s Rights

Ford's lawyer defends his client's refusal to answer questions.

“We all have the right to remain silent.”

-Rob Ford’s criminal lawyer Dennis Morris, often referred to as “Hotmail Lawyer” by City Hall watchers, comments in a CP24 interview on Monday on his client’s refusal to answer questions relating to the ongoing police investigation. New Project Brazen 2 court documents were released Wednesday and Monday that reveal more details about the crack video and the extent of the mayor’s relationship with Sandro Lisi. The mayor also issued a statement of defence on Monday regarding a lawsuit brought against him by his sister’s former common-law partner, who alleges Ford conspired to have him beaten in prison in order to keep him quiet about the mayor’s indiscretions. The mayor denies the allegations.


  • OgtheDim

    I get this is lawyer speak, but RoFo is in a political position where moral duty trumps his personal right to avoid discussing things with cops.

    • Jacob

      Nothing trumps Rob Ford’s “personal right”.

      That’s what his family taught him, and continues to teach him.

  • SonuvaScrimbro

    Perhaps this is my too-much-time-spent-watching-American-cop-shows bias showing, but isn’t the “right to remain silent” something that comes into play *after* someone has been charged with a crime — i.e., they’re advised not to say anything to police until they’ve had a chance to consult with counsel?

    Ford, as his supporters never tire of telling us, is not accused of any crime and has not been arrested (not yet, anyway). So while his lawyer is technically correct in that we all have to right to remain silent, just as we all have the right to speak our minds…

    …the problem is his use of that specific phrase is only going to reinforce in voters’ minds the image of cops, arrests and Miranda warnings — which you would think is the opposite of what Ford wants us to think about him right now. Besides, as another poster pointed out, one would hope that Ford is more concerned with other things besides his personal rights — his political career, say, or the impact on the city if (when?) a criminal aspect of his relationship with Lisi comes to light.

    • Notcleverguy

      Exactly, when Ford uses the “I can’t say anything because it’s before the courts” it’s a pile of BS, he hasn’t been charged with anything (yet) so he is free to comment on anything. He is also free to be silent, but we all know he’s just being self serving, He say’s he for the front line cops and against gangs, until those front line cops want to arrest his favorite gang member…..him.

      • bobloblawbloblawblah

        All very true, but as Morris knows, Ford is a nitwit with a special talent for stepping in verbal cow patties every time he speaks. Morris has probably to him not to say a thing lest it come back to haunt him. This is probably why Ford runs from the media.

        • Notcleverguy

          I agree completely, this brings up the issue though, If the chief magistrate can’t comment of drug and gang activity because he may self incriminate, why the hell is he the chief magistrate?

          Toronto needs recall or non confidence laws right away. The fact he is still the mayor makes Toronto slightly more of a joke than Rob Ford does.

    • BjamesT

      To say, on one hand, that he has nothing to hide, then on the other that he has the right to remain silent, sets up quite the conundrum, doesn’t it?

      If (and ooooh boy, what a big “if”) he has nothing to hide, then there could be no reason the chief magistrate of Canada’s largest city would not want to talk to the police.

      • CanuckleDragger

        He also offered to hand over his phone then did a 180 when his offer was accepted.

        • macduff1987

          one of a thousand examples, i’m sure, of robbie’s bravado getting the better of him — only to be jerked violently back on his leash by an anxious dennis morris and an acutely suicidal older brother/campaign manager/sometime champion of ward 2.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    He’s just going to lie or play dumb anyway.

    • SonuvaScrimbro


      • Astin44

        “dumb” as in unable to speak. He’ll do some fake sign language and then imitate the Family Guy greased deaf guy. Then he’ll defend that by saying something stupid.

        • SonuvaScrimbro

          “Then he’ll defend that by saying something stupid.”

          Which can also be phrased as “Then he’ll defend it by saying something” because: same thing.

  • wklis

    Maybe his 4-way hazard lights were flashing? Doesn’t everyone know turning them on trumps all parking regulations? …and all laws and by-laws as well?


  • tomwest

    … although a jury are entitled do draw adverse inferences from that silence.
    (In particular, if you stay silent now, and then say something that helps your case at a later point, the jury will wonder why you didn’t say it earlier).
    Sometimes silence has an eloquence beyond that of a thousand words…

  • CanuckleDragger

    The end is near. Ford will step up and say, the elitist, gravytrain lovers, The Star, the rest of the media, the police, the no good councilors(all but he and Doug), Kevin Spacey, unions, and the rest of the world,(accept he and Doug), ruined his chances of Ford more years of being the best mayor Toronto has ever had. He will be bitter for the rest of his life. That may not be very long at the rate he’s going. Good bye “Mister Ford”. The greatest thing you’ve done for Toronto was to show that failsafes must be in place incase someone in an important position has a meld down and is unable to run his or her own life, much less the largest city in Canada. Your tailspin into the obis as mayor will end soon. Even though I don’t like you, I wonder how and when your tailspin as a human being will end. Your greatest panicle of achievement has come and is long gone. By not stepping down when it was blatantly warranted, by maintaining a circus atmosphere in your life and at council, by thinking you are in any way deserving of consideration for 4 more years, by running from the media because you have more baggage than two 747′s at spring break, by walking down Young St. during parades thinking you’re a rockstar , and you are not the most thoughtful in the room when you’re sober(rare event), much less when your “stupored”, or recovering from a stupor. Where are we when the worst mayor Toronto has ever had claims to be the best mayor Toronto has ever had? I have never smoked crack but I think I’m going to try it. I feel terrible because I’m coming to the end of my career and it looks like I’m going to have a modest retirement. But if I smoke crack, I can be the biggest @sshole in the world and be proud enough to walk in a parade. Anybody got some crack?