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Duly Quoted: Fiona Crean, on Expanded Powers for the Provincial Ombudsman

Toronto's ombudsman says proposed legislation for the Ontario ombudsman is "bad law."

“The Government now wishes to have one ombudsman second guessing another. This is the beginning of ombudsman shopping and again this flies in the face of a legislated ombudsman being an office of last resort. This is poorly conceived and it is obvious the professionals in the field were not consulted…This is bad law that will hurt the residents of the City of Toronto.”

-Toronto Ombudsman Fiona Crean, responding to proposed legislation that would expand the role of the provincial ombudsman. In a statement released today [PDF], Crean objects in particular to the duplication of resources, as citizens could appeal any case decided by the Toronto ombudsman to the provincial ombudsman. She also argues this could undermine the credibility of the Toronto ombudsman, and create unnecessary confusion and red tape for residents.