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Vandalist: The Bomb

Getting back to basics.


BY: Unknown
LOCATION: Lower Jarvis
FIELD NOTES: Toronto offers an incredibly rich variety of street art. With our attempts to feature this vast range, sometimes it seems as if we neglect the classic bombing that is traditionally associated with graffiti. We can hardly begin to credit the talent and creativity that goes into these murals that are so often overlooked. So, for all the fantastic murals we haven’t featured, congratulations everyone: you’ve done good.

Once a week, Vandalist features some of the most interesting street art and graffiti from around Toronto. Find something great? Email


  • Gordon Yarley

    It’s pretty yes, but it’s tagging. This is not art unless the building owner agrees to it.

    • Dinah Might

      Hey, those taggers did this graffiti in their own personal time! If that’s how they behave around friends, well it’s none of your business!


  • john

    This is not vandalism. This was done with full permission from the owner of the building/complex. This is not back to basics but rather a craft honed from 20+ years of practice.

    • OgtheDim

      Yes, but how much growth in style has there been in 20 years? There seems to be a certain sameness to what could be loosely called the font.

      Dragon Ball Z, to use a crude reference.

      • estta

        It’s from the same genre sure, but the individual pieces are pretty different. The various murals on the back of the Midas by Keele station are a good example.

  • tomwest

    I can’t see why Torontoist glorifies criminal acts.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      All criminal acts?

      • dsmithhfx

        Stalin Gothic is a crime!

      • tomwest

        Obviously not. “Acts” is the plural of “act”, meaning more than one act, not every single act. That’s like me saying Torontoist is publishing pictures of apples, and you saying “all apples?”. Sheesh.

        • tyrannosaurus_rek

          You’re being indiscriminant in identifying graffiti as an illegal act, despite multiple sources saying these were at the property owner’s request/with permission.

          • tomwest

            *sigh* This particular one, yes, you are right. But that’s not generally the case for this series of articles.
            There is no way to comment on a series of articles like “Vandalist”, except by commenting on a specific article.
            Regardless, no-one has actually answered my question.

          • Danny

            Because you didn’t ask a question, you just said you can’t understand something.

          • tomwest

            Fine. No-one has attempted to alieve my confusion.

    • dirtqueen

      Graffiti is not inherently criminal. There are condoned, publicly available spaces where graffiti is used as a cultural and community outlet.

      • The_outsider

        The artists are kwest skam and kems. I can’t make out the lower left. Chances are this was done legally. Most likely to prevent “ugly” graffiti from popping up.

      • tomwest

        Yes there are. But Torontoist doesn’t limit itself to these.

        • dsmithhfx

          The horror!