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Soknacki Campaign Files Request for Mayor’s Office Records

Soknacki's team suspects Ford has used his office for campaign purposes.

david soknacki launch

For only five dollars, any Torontonian can go up to the 13th floor of City Hall’s east tower, fill out a form, and request the mayor’s office records. On Tuesday morning, Brian Kelcey did just that, except he’s not just any Torontonian—he’s mayoral candidate David Soknacki’s campaign manager.

The Soknacki campaign filed a freedom of information request for the mayor’s office communications from January on because it suspects that, in Kelcey’s words, “the mayor and his brother are effectively using their office as a campaign resource and headquarters,” which would violate elections law. The FOI filing appears to be part of a larger Soknacki campaign strategy to “drop the gloves” on issue-based concerns, and hold the mayor accountable for his conduct.

The mayor, as you may have heard, does not have a reputation for following or caring about rules. In an interview with Torontoist, Kelcey made reference to the time the mayor’s spokesperson, Amin Massoudi, used an office e-mail address to promote the Ford Nation YouTube show while simultaneously claiming only volunteer time and resources went into its production. “We believe there is a high probability the mayor’s office is not following the rules,” Kelcey said.

Of course, there is a political element to the complaint. The Soknacki team has made transparency and accountability a significant part of its platform, and Kelcey added that it’s important for the campaign to highlight the contrast between its candidate and the mayor, who has drawn criticism for a highly secretive and opaque administration.

Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North), Rob Ford’s campaign manager, said that the FOI request shows that “David Soknacki’s getting a little nervous.”

Asked to respond to Doug Ford’s comment, Kelcey had this to say to the rival campaign manager: “The only thing that makes the Soknacki campaign nervous is that this city will be governed for the next few months by Rob and Doug Ford.”


  • Patrick_Metzger

    I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing he uses his office for.

    • dsmithhfx

      That, and bimbos and booze parties.

  • Miroslav Glavic

    David Soknacki used City Hall for campaign purposes, didnt he tell about his LTT plans IN City Hall? You can’t use City Hall for campaign purposes.

    • OgtheDim

      Oh please…..

      a) he was asked by the media to go to them there because they were covering Ford’s latest folly.


      (I put that in large enough letters for ya so it might get past the obvious blinkers)

      If you can’t tell the difference between being in City Hall and having staff and city emails used for campaigning…well….take a civics course.

    • vampchick21

      That rule is for current members of council. Soknacki is not a member of council currently.


      Code of Conduct for Members of Council, City of Toronto


      Members are required to follow the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. No member shall use the facilities, equipment, supplies, services or other resources of the City (including Councillor newsletters and
      websites linked through the City’s website) for any election campaign or
      campaign-related activities. No member shall undertake campaign-related activities on City property during regular working hours unless permitted by City policy (e.g., all candidates meetings). No member shall use the services of persons for election-related purposes during hours in which those persons receive any compensation from the City.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      There is a great deal of difference between using the City Hall as a backdrop and using your taxpayer funded office resources. Particularly when the person using the backdrop isn’t a member of council. Although I don’t think candidates can use the City logo.

    • Lee Zamparo

      Soknacki isn’t an elected official. Ford is. That’s the difference.

  • Mark

    Sure, but what’s now clear is that Ford can break whatever law he wants and not face any repercussions.

    • HotDang

      Just because nothing stuck yet doesn’t mean it will always be so.

  • Astin44

    What possible basis is there to believe that His Honourable Worship Mayor Robert Bruce Ford would use City of Toronto resources incorrectly? If there was some history of this, surely we’d have heard about it. No, clearly his untouchableness is being attacked without cause.

    But of course, Robbie learned a long time ago that even when he’s caught breaking the rules, there isn’t much that can be done about it. So what does he care?

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      It’s all a pinko, lefty, tree-hugging, bike riding socialist, media-maggot, unionist conspiracy.

      • Brian Young

        Ipso facto!

  • Mr. Tapsucker

    I’m curious, will Ford be required to claim his big picnic parties as campaign expenses? At the last one he publicly stated he was campaigning (before the election was even called). Giving away food and booze while claiming to be campaigning, just doesn’t sound legal, but I’m not an expert…

    • Punned_It

      I wondered that too. What about Doug handing out $20s to folks in TCH? If that isn’t campaigning, or blatant vote buying, what is?

  • DaveWilliamscheemissManana

    Fuck the Fords. I have never loathed them more than in the past two weeks.

  • TristanTerrific

    Bravo! Thank you for this info. I think David Soknacki is being honest and correct. The rest of us get hit the first toe over the line and Ford seems to have absolute disregard for rules or laws. Please someone can’t we get rid of Ford? He is an oaf.

  • Konstantine

    ” Ford has used his office for campaign purposes.” bad, but the fact he’s probably used his time on the taxpayers dime at City Hall to set up crack deals is also bad.

  • skandhala

    Doug Ford is good at campaigning?