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Recapping a Wild Week in Campaign 2014

A timeline of the weird, wild, and wacky first serious week of the 2014 mayoral campaign.

Photo from Karen Stintz’s Instagram account.

Election 2014 will likely be the most watched and covered campaign in this city’s history—and when John Tory and Karen Stintz signed up this week to run for mayor, the campaign began in earnest. Tory and Stintz, who are battling for the same pool of voters, criticized each other. Rob Ford criticized everyone who was not named Rob Ford, and escalated his war of words with Chief Bill Blair. And the Soknacki campaign took the time to launch a clever graphic and meme that went viral.

Here’s a timeline of what the various candidates got up to during the first serious week of the mayoral campaign:


  • OgtheDim

    Thanks….much needed as most of the main stream media prefers to think in stream of consciousness.

    Every week, please?

  • MaryL

    Good summary and excellent design. Yes, this would be a great weekly feature.

  • Andrew

    The problem with the “Never Heard of Me” Soknacki Campaign, is that it is actually true. Asked my neighbors and a few co-workers who is running for mayor and David Soknacki wasn’t on the list.

    • OgtheDim

      That’s only a problem if its September.

      Give it time. Most people are not paying attention yet.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      Your neighbours wouldn’t have named David Miller if you’d asked that same question in March of 2003. Look how that turned out.

  • Punned_It

    This is brilliant coverage. Please keep it going. Nice to have everything in one place where you can follow it all and still get to the detail you want. You guys are tops!

  • Konstantine

    That was a good informative time-line, Much appreciated David.