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Glad Hand: To the Victor Go the Oils

Glad Hand is Torontoist’s political cartoon, created by Brett Lamb and appearing here every Thursday.



  • CrankyOldProf

    The sad truth is, these probably are his real, heartfelt opinions, that he would have ceaselessly blathered to one and all even if he hadn’t been paid to do so. Like too many others, he can only see the immediate implications (jobs for his long-suffering Nwfld buddies), never the long term (illness and ultimately exile for those living near the tar sands, a hotter and more volatile climate for everyone else). They are right that we can’t live without oil right now, but we could start in earnest the transition that must eventually come rather than wasting all of our wealth sucking out every last sandy drop before wondering “what comes next?”.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    *shudder* That face.

  • 2615152613

    Ahh, Rex Murphy, a bombastic blowhard who likes to obscure his “arguments” through the use of superfluous language. No, Rex, the vacuousness of your “arguments” is not disguised by your ostentatious intellectualism and pedantic jibber jabber. The fact that you use polysyllabic words and drink wine makes you no less Don Cherry or Rob Ford even if it gives you street cred with academics.

    • VictorianShuter

      I take it you read his “defense” in the National Post? If you didn’t, the long tirade was basically the usual ‘bully playing the victim card’ and obfuscating the issue by essentially saying ‘I had these opinions even BEFORE they paid me!’

    • Paul Kishimoto

      …which academics?

      • 2615152613

        I wasn’t thinking of any specifically. I was more thinking of Murphy’s and many a social scientists tendency to attempt to amp up the profundity of their work by being purposefully obscure (as Murphy’s thesaurus laden pieces on the National always are and, ironically, as many a post-modernist academic is). I’m thinking of the type who gets off on making up their own words and whose academic career is based on researching discourse as a source of power and oppression while creating their own parallel discourse.

        I come down on the side of Einstein. I assume he was referring to physics but it applies in academic and everyday communication too: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

        Rex gets it all wrong. He makes the things that aren’t complicated complex, and as the cartoon points out, the things that are complex simple. If I were being uncharitable I’d say it’s deliberate on his part.

        • Paul Kishimoto

          Ah, sorry—I didn’t recognize that as a comment on his writing.

          I do scan the National Post website, but I eschew (thesaurus that! ) anything with his (or Conrad Black’s) byline. I don’t watch him on CBC, either. I agree entirely with your point, and though I consider myself an academic, I’m not that kind of social scientist.

    • David Church

      He and Ezra Levant are two peas in a belligerent pod. Both are very intelligent and very well educated. Both have cultivated huge vocabularies and love to use them (not because four syllable words are better than 2 two syllable words in getting their point across, but just because.)

      And both use their intelligent, education and vocabulary quite deliberately to make the casual listener or reader believe that they have said something profound, or perhaps even true, when in fact their arguments are often based on fallacies and omission. (Levant also makes a point of making outrageous accusations, stopping just short of libel.)

      Despite their education and intelligence, for some inexplicable reason they are both willing to ignore evidence and facts in favour of rigid conservative ideology and Conservative Party policy.

      • Kenneth Corbiere

        I’m one of those simple guys that only use one syllable words…I be thinking they are trying to generate ratings….not sure, just a guess….

      • ingamarie

        Anyone remember the number of PhD’s in the group of Nazi’s that put together the final solution? It was quite high….and a testament to the truth that intellect alone isn’t enough to humanize a person.

        If the heart isn’t connected to the brain….and a love of reality built into the emerging human child by loving supportive families and communities…our species is capable of monstrous acts of arrogance, narcissism and short term survivalist self interest………masquerading as Intellect. Time to stop reifying the parts and honouring the Whole: which is greater than the pieces.

        The most obvious thing about Rex is his good opinion of himself, and the ease with which he resorts to invective for others. A Rex diatribe is never a pretty picture….and its more often mean. Cutting, but not insightful.

        But then Rex is likely a caricature: pieces of a human being, but not the full meal deal.

  • docleslie