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Extra, Extra: Transit Sardines, Calorie Counts, and Demolishing the CN Tower

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Photo by i2n2, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • A public transit advocacy group is giving Torontonians the opportunity to transform their challenging, cramped commuting experiences into art with a purpose: TTCriders wants you to take and then submit photos of your most uncomfortable, space-challenged TTC journey. A winning photo will be selected and form part of the TTC Sardine Award, which “TTCriders will present to a key decision-maker who has dropped the ball on providing riders with more service.”
  • Ontario law may soon require chains with more than five restaurants to post caloric information on or near their menus—which means we will soon have to eat more healthily, eat primarily at independent restaurants, eat at chains with four or fewer restaurants, or eat in a more informed and guilt-ridden fashion.
  • It’s possible that someday, the CN Tower will have to be demolished. Certain anchors that play a critical role in keeping the structure sound and upright can never be replaced—sure, they’ll be good for a couple more centuries, but we can already imagine the heated “what to do about the CN Tower” battles that will plague the city starting in about 2270.

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