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Extra, Extra: Crazy Town Goes to the Movies, Ask the Premier Anything, and Corner-Store Beer

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

Photo from Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Twitter account.

  • Who will play Rob? Who will play Doug? Will The Mentalist‘s Robin Tunney be cast as Robyn Doolittle, as Toronto Life once suggested she should be? We can now settle in for many months of the fantasy casting game, which just got a lot less hypothetical: the movie version of Robyn Doolittle’s Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story is one step closer to existing now that Blue Ice Pictures has acquired the rights to the book.
  • Matt Damon’s done it. So have Stephen Colbert, David Copperfield, and Barack Obama. You can now add Premier Kathleen Wynne to that list, because tomorrow, she will be venturing into the wilds of the internet to participate in a Reddit AMA. During this AMA, which stands for “Ask Me Anything,” the premier will take questions about, well, anything from anyone in possession of a Reddit account. She will be the first premier to host such an event, but Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi was involved in one during his last election campaign. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has apparently not yet expressed interest in being asked anything by anyone.
  • If beer were to be sold at corner stores, customers could expect to pay about $10 more for each two-four. So says a new study, which will be released today. The study also happens to have been commissioned by the Beer Store. Greg Flanagan, an economist who looked the study over, says there’s “an appearance of vested interest,” yes, but “that doesn’t mean the research can’t be good, and I think this research is good.”

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  • HotDang

    If beer would cost more at corner stores, why is it much cheaper everywhere else in the world, where they do allow beer sales at corner stores?

    • tomwest


  • tomwest

    If it will really cost $10 more, then either no-one will buy it (good for Beer Store), or it shows that Beer Stone needs to change things…