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Extra, Extra: Copper Thieves, Rob Ford’s Valentine, and Artistic Torontonians

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

Photo by Flickr user qmnonic.

  • Thieves have been making off with copper from Toronto parks. We didn’t realize Toronto parks boasted a great deal of the stuff, but as it’s worth about US$3.25 per pound, even a bit of the metal can constitute a pretty good haul. Two hundred pounds of copper cladding have been taken from an art installation at Art Eggleton Park, and some bronze letters have disappeared from the Christie Pits sign. Ray Stukas, parks manager for Toronto and East York, says that it might be time to get “other metals that are cheaper, like steel, and see if we can coat them with a copper-coloured paint.”
  • Rob Ford has a special Valentine’s celebration planned for his wife…and also, apparently, for the Denver Broncos’ Orlando Franklin. During an interview on Z103.5 this morning, he said of his Valentine’s Day plans: “I’m going to Harbour 60. I’m bringing my wife and, again, I’m going with Orlando Franklin, my buddy. My wife really likes that restaurant, and I’m going to treat Orlando, and we’ll take it from there.” Because there’s no better way to lift one’s spirits after being crushed in the Super Bowl than by spending a romantic evening at a Toronto steak house with our mayor and his wife.
  • Do you know Torontonians who happen to be especially artistic, creative, and talented? If so, could you explain in what way they’ve “shaped the cultural landscape of our city” by February 28? Because that’s the nomination deadline for the 2014 Toronto Arts Foundation Awards. The website indicates that “anyone is welcome to submit a nomination for an eligible and deserving candidate,” so why not consider all the eligible, deserving people you know, and how nice it would be if they could be award-winning as well (if they aren’t already).

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  • tomwest

    The trouble with painted steel is that paint gets weathered away (or gets chipped/scratched) quite quickly. Then the steel rusts, and you have have to replace things. Copper doesn’t rust (the oxidisation on the surface forms a protective layer), and hence lasts a lot longer than steel in outdoor conditions.

    • wklis

      Copper water pipes are slowly being replaced by plastic water pipes. The problem with plastic is that plastic has a life of 40 years versus 80 years for copper. Expect pin holes and joint failures from plastic.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      The trouble with steel signs painted to look like copper is that people will still steal them, thinking they’re copper.

      • bobloblawbloblawblah

        This is why we just can’t have nice things anymore.

  • Astin44

    It might not just be the dinner. They are going to “take it from there” after all.

    • Testu

      I’m guessing Harbour 60 is just for Orlando, after all, Rob has “enough to eat at home”

      I almost admire how forthcoming he is with the press regarding his sexual proclivities. He’s a man who feels no shame.

  • mariapd

    Stanley Park is also missing a few copper leaves that are on the floor on King Street.

  • Joe Clark

    May I suggest the best book of ’013, Junkyard Planet, as a way to learn more about what turns out to be a fascinating topic – scrap?

    (The copper pipes boosted from this art project would probably be called “taboo” in the industry.)