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Extra, Extra: Another Subway Poll, Former Ford Ally Turns Tory, and Comedian Talks Dumb Starbucks

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Photo by Flickr user Bobolink.

  • In the wake of a recent poll that found 61 per cent of Torontonians would rather see an LRT than a subway in Scarborough, we have another poll that has found something entirely different: 55 per cent of Forum Research respondents are fans of the subway option. It’s always exciting when people on both sides of a debate get to point to their very own sets of numbers.
  • The Toronto Sun is reporting that Nick Kouvalis, Rob Ford’s campaign manager in 2010 and for a few months also his chief of staff, will work for John Tory’s mayoral campaign—if, of course, Tory decides he’d like to participate in a mayoral campaign. This presumably makes sense in that John Tory is better positioned than most to appreciate Kouvalis’s skills: he was, after all, frequently targeted for attack by that same 2010 Ford campaign.
  • Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about his short-lived Los Angeles pop-up sort-of coffee shop, Dumb Starbucks. He explained that while he had avoided certain legal issues by operating under “parody law”—”Technically, legally speaking, we’re an art gallery, and the coffee we’re selling is considered the art”—his store’s lack of health permits led to its being shut down by the health department. Which is a shame: if there is such a thing as parody law, it seems only fair there should also be parody health permits.

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