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Your Superhero and Supervillain of 2013

The votes are in! Here is who you picked as the very best and very worst of Toronto this year.

2013 superheroes supervillain

Every December, Torontoist recaps the year that’s winding down by nominating the best Heroes and worst Villains among all people, places, things, and ideas which had an influence on the city in the preceding 12 months. And then, it’s up to you to vote, picking a Superhero and Supervillain from those nominees.

Here is who you, Torontoist readers, have voted for as Superhero and Supervillain of 2013…



WINNER: The Toronto Star Investigative Team and City Hall Bureau

RUNNERS-UP: Church Street Parklets (second place) and Videofag (third place).

VOTING NOTES: Wasn’t even close: the Star got 65 per cent of votes right off the bat; another 16 per cent of voters had them in second place. Also, turns out a lot of you were eager to turn to inspiring ways to end the year: 30 per cent more ballots were case for heroes overall compared to the villains.


villain rob ford brian mchlachlan

WINNER: Rob Ford

RUNNER-UP: Doug Ford (second place) and Transit Trolls (third place).

VOTING NOTES: Once again, and surprising nobody, this was a slam-dunk for the mayor: he won on the first ballot with 75 per cent of the vote. (That’s five per cent higher than last year.) Together, Rob and Doug Ford broke well ahead of the pack of all other nominees.


  • Victoria

    I wasn’t able to vote for the villains – not sure if it was something I did or a glitch. I certainly wanted too!

    • Steveinto

      had the same problem

      • matthewfabb

        You had to vote for a Heroes and then after you submitted that, the Villains category appeared underneath it.

        • tyrannosaurus_rek

          I saw both lists on the page at the same time.

  • entish

    Can we just give Rob Ford some kind of ‘Lifetime Achievement Supervillain’ award and disqualify him? It’s getting to be a boring vote there.

    • Christopher Bird

      We actually discussed this at the Heroes and Villains nomination meeting and my position was as it is then: nobody tells the New York Yankees they’ve won the championship too many times and they can’t compete for it any more.

  • HotDang

    What’s with the big brother picture of Rob Ford? He’s more likely to be the subject of surveillance than the one doing the surveillance.