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Vandalist: You Wanna Pizza Me?

Stay away from this pizza party.


LOCATION: Bathurst Street and Rush Lane (Graffiti Alley)
PHOTO BY: Georgette P.
FIELD NOTES: We’ve all tasted the sweet mix of dough, sauce, toppings, and succulent melted cheese that is pizza. We’re all guilty of devouring slice after slice until we’re about to burst. Now, after centuries of people using and abusing pizza with no regard for anything but their yearning taste buds, pizza has had enough. Oh, pizza, our once trusty (and crusty) friend, you have become a monster! Skulking in alleys, axe in hand, waiting to hack us into slices and devour us one piece at a time. And who knows which food could strike next. Hamburgers? Ice cream?! Beer?!? We must nip this problem in the bud. Toronto, this is your mission: you must eat the pizza before the pizza can eat you.

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