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The Edge Says Goodbye to the Dean Blundell Show

The shock jock's show has been cancelled, following a year of controversies and increased media scrutiny.

Photo by Flickr user Sancho McCann.

As of today, Dean Blundell is officially off the air waves. Corus Radio recently posted the following statement on the Edge website:

“With the start of the new year, Corus Radio will be taking 102.1 the Edge in a new direction in 2014. The station will return to a more music-based format showcasing the best in modern rock. As a result, The Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled, effective January 6, 2014.”

What this “more music-based format” will be replacing is a program that consistently celebrated its own bad taste and offensive views. While it had been doing that for years, it lowered the bar ever further in 2013, when it featured Dean Blundell and producer Derek Welsman making homophobic jokes and comments about a court case that centred on sex assaults and a Carlton Street bathhouse—and involved Welsman himself as the jury foreman. It was because of these comments and their context that both men turned up in our 2013 Hall of Villains.


  • Spirit of Radio

    About time. Quite possibly the most unoriginal on air personality 102.1 ever had.

  • dr

    Whatever, I’ve moved on to 88.1 and am not looking back.

    • OgtheDim

      So have at least 3 DJ’s, from what I’m hearing.

      I get the feeling CORUS is going to turn this into a top 40 alternative station.

      • nevilleross

        The more, the merrier. They should also do the same with Q107, as I’ve said before, and let the lovers of Golden Oldies get off of their asses and buy (or download) whatever old songs they like so much. Let radio be for new sounds (with the occasional look back into the past on weekends or holidays.)

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      I’ve been listening to 88 online so much I actually went out and bought a radio (like from the museums and old movies) so I could listen to it in the kitchen too.

    • UNCDave

      Got my son a little radio for christmas that only has a scan feature (no dial), so of course the first station it hit was 88.1. I rather like it, and the fact the Alan Cross is on board is very encouraging.

  • Stu

    Long overdue.

  • Chris


    anecdotal PS. i served him a couple times at starbucks and he was a dickbag.

  • Joel

    Never liked him, bring back Humble and Fred!

    • nevilleross

      No, let’s kill off all of these shitty shock jocks and get back to playing just music. Fuck this shit.

  • Gen

    Although they made some ‘unacceptable’ comments here and there, they were the most entertaining radio station in the morning. Think of stand up comedians and all the racism, sexism, and homophobic remarks they make doing stand-up, nobody makes any comments to them then? There job is to make people laugh in the morning, and you have to understand its hard to please 3+ million viewers. I didn’t agree with all the comments they made, but they really did make the commute to work easier for me 95% of the time.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      Stand-up comics are constantly being called out for derogatory jokes, are you kidding me? Steve Martin just apologized for a racist joke on twitter, a Parisian comedian named Dieudonné is facing fines and protests for racist jokes and comments, and transsexual activists are getting mad at The Daily Show and Colbert Report for saying “shemale”.

    • OgtheDim

      Entertaining if you are into stripper jokes…..

    • Bobby

      Being “offensive” is one thing. Being “offensive” and NOT FUNNY is another. Dean was like a 6 year old who thought that rude and arrogant comments were funny on their own, without putting any thought at all into what would make them funny.


  • iPwn8599

    as much controversy those guys brought, they definitely made the morning entertaining. 102.1 is now just another radio station that plays the same 10 songs 9345809235 times a day…

    • HotDang

      There are 84600 seconds in a day. This means that 102.1 would have to play reflector more than a hundred thousand times per second to play it 9345809235 per day. I mean, clearly they play it many thousands of times per day, but your estimate is a bit high.

      • iPwn8599

        you’re right, that was a bit high.. but it certainly feels that way sometimes

        • nevilleross

          As I’ve said above, the station can be got rid of and replaced with something different (another Indie 88.1-type station wouldn’t be so bad) or anything else that plays music (but no more classic rock, please-Bob and June Baby Boom and anybody else that likes older sounds [save classical] can get off of their asses and buy the golden oldies that they love.)

    • Ben Lawson

      As soon as I heard Dean’s voice I instantly changed stations. Ignorant and thuggish does not equal entertaining.

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        I used to set my alarm clock radio to 102.1 because I found that show so irritating I couldn’t lie there listening as I might almost any other station.

  • Ben Lawson

    Dean Blundell has already killed 102.1 with his stupid, crude, derivative attitude.

    • nevilleross

      Then it needs to be put out of it’s misery along with Q107, and both frequencies can be sold to somebody who gives a shit and cares about great music and decent talk (or about something else that radio does well.)


        Live with Racial Rant Douchebag Sexist Neville and cowhort Ross.
        I agree with you but not you hostessing.


      Dictated Playlists kill not DJs.
      Indie 88 is stillborn unless they stop playing the same tunes over and over. Think how many independent artists and trend setters in rock then listen to indie. lol mix up cfny, fresh and Boom you have 88.

      • Ben Lawson

        True! I listen to radio to hear new things, not a mixtape on loop. Indie88 is my main choice now, I hope they broaden their playlist once they are established. Now they’re a cross between CFNY and CBC Radio 2′s Drive.

        But I could have settled for the current CFNY playlist without the actively distasteful Dean Blundell Show.

      • nevilleross

        Indie 88 has DJs on in the morning, afternoon, and night (but obviously not late night from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM.) This is a non-starter by you,

        Also, they have an audience participation plan that involves the use of surveys to gauge what kind of music that people want to hear-all that you have to do is sign up, and they will inform you by email about any upcoming surveys. Care to try again?


          Just Schtick!!
          Independently owned with a mildly different repeat list.


    Dean is one of if not the best thing on Toronto commercial radio. Intercourse sports radio and advocacy talk radio druigs. Only the CBC now broadcasts anything worthy of a mongoloid chimpanzees attention and the rest on TOs airwaves is just “hit me up on facebook, follow us on twitter and I posted a link of a tube video on our website” mynah birds wasting valuable airtime that could be filled with music or more Soma advertising.
    Radio was an information provider, art form, an honest companion and ground breaking liberation for generations. Now radio and CP24 is a bunch of ‘tards for dysfunctional masses pushing the Leaf Nation pleasure button and false stale dreams. Get some personalities not CCs pressing programmed buttons thinking they are personalities for indentured souless slaves.

    The Spirit of Radio whether it be CFNY or any station in Toronto I hate to say it but its dead. Indie 88 already seems like a lost cause and the only True radio entertainer left in GTA is Marble Mouth Marsden The MARs Bar on 94.9 Saturdays and Sunday evenings.

    Too bad Gordon Sinclair doesn’t arise from the grave to bitch slap all the pusillanimous pussys that desire Homogenized opinions force fed for corporate gain. Lord forbid Bell gains control of all media outlets in this country.
    Strangely I do not enjoy Howard Stern but appreciate Dean Blundells morning show. Rumours of his cruising steam baths across Canada seeking to lose his sexual frustration since his divorce and losing his boy friend Todd are increasing.

    Time to get rid of any opinions that aren’t others and if you don’t stand up for others right to express their opinions than we are all lost.

    Jenny said, when she was just five years old
    You know there’s nothin’ happening at all
    Every time she put on the radio
    There was nothin’ goin’ down at all
    Not at all

    One fine mornin’, she puts on a New York station
    And she couldn’t believe what she heard at all
    She started dancin’ to that fine-fine-fine-fine music
    Ooohhh, her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll
    Hey baby, rock ‘n’ roll

    Despite all the amputation
    You could dance to a rock ‘n’ roll station
    And it was all right
    It was all right
    Hey babe

    Jenny said, when she was just five years old
    You know there’s nothin’ happening at all
    Two TV sets, two Cadillac cars
    Ahhh, hey, ain’t help me nothin’ at all
    Not at all

    One fine morning, she heard on a New York station
    She couldn’t believe what she heard at all
    Not at all

    Despite the amputation
    You could dance to a rock ‘n’ roll station
    It was all right
    It was all right
    Oh, now here she comes now-now

    Jenny said, when she was just five years old
    You know there’s nothin’ happening at all
    Yeah, every time she put on the radio
    There was nothin’ goin’ down at all
    Not at all

    Then one fine morning, she put on a New York station
    And she couldn’t believe what she heard at all
    She started dancing to that fine-fine music
    Ahh, her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll
    Rock ‘n’ roll

    Despite all the amputation
    You could dance to the rock ‘n’ roll station

    It’s all right, all right
    All right, all right
    All right, it’s all right
    All right, all right
    Baby, baby
    Baby, baby, ooohhh

    RIP Lou Reed

    • nevilleross

      You may think that you’re cool in (mis)quoting Lou Reed, but all that your rant does is make you look like a racist and sexist douche bag-the perfect background of Dean Blundell’s listeners. Enjoy self-pitying yourself over having a blow to your white male privilege and white self-image.


        Wow Master or Ms. whatever you is, calling CFNY listeners and I Racists, Sexist Douchebags then disrespect of white male listeners in your intense brevity post is riDickUlous.
        Are you a WannaBe? I mean do you WannaBe a mature tolerant human or just a self decrepating troll?
        After you finish with your brief Broad strokes get over yourself and find something to blow your self righteous load into. Might I suggest your ears and later let’s talk about charitable abortions to save your future generations ridicule.
        Though Stupid ignoramuses might come in handy in event of a horse meat shortage


        Torontoist I appreciate allowing this personal attack to be posted but disapprove that you have not posted my response from 12 hours ago! I posted saw and edited my response but it has been removed.
        :Save Edit

  • UNCDave

    Any bets on where he lands? I mean, someone is going to hire this guy; there’s always a market for douchebags who can draw in the 18-49 male demo.

  • Dusty Lenscap

    This a very free country. You can say whatever you like. People don’t have to like it though and they certainly don’t have to pay you to do it. Let’s put it on the felt, Blundell has been doing the same stuff for ten years. If his ratings were great he would still be there. He’s an asshole and a bore. He fired Jason. He fired Todd. He had no left to point the finger at. When someone speaks up for what is right and than gets shut down that is when free speech is jeopardized. Shutting down someone who is only capable of bashing the weak strictly for the glorification of his terribly misguided and enormous ego like Blundell does is called civilization. BTW try Stern…….its like the show Dean was going to do a year from now.

  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    Edge 102.1/Corus is a private company. If they feel his shtick is having a negative effect on their brand, out he goes. Freedom doesn’t enter the equation.

  • ChickenLittleAsh

    It Disguissed me How a handful of ignorant people get The main say in the world… You Dont like it… Dont listen… Is it Hurting you? No… Dont listen if you dont like it…. I bet you 99% of people that complained never listened to more than a minute of the show…
    Whinning pussys will rule the World….!

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      If you bothered to read first, you’d see most people complaining said they did stop listening to the show at some point. Enough people tuned out that Corus must not be happy with the show’s ratings, or they’d have kept it on the air.

  • Angelia Zilio

    They made fun of an intern (Meatus) for having Dyslexic/ADHD traits, and a mentally handicapped young man who’s name starts with A. They did this almost everyday until I wanted to punch a hole in my wall. It was so disgusting to listen to the extent of the bullying. Every time those two were bullied a portion of their listeners particularly those with ASDs were dying inside. I loved them before A and M, In fact Dean said he appreciated radio and that it was last free form of entertainment. He had more class back then, and often apologized after making a joke, or Jason stopped everyone before they went too far. Dean Blundell is a sold out talent less turd. No wonder his family life went to hell. I actually found the fact that he was a family man charming originally. He’s more like a sociopath at this point. People complain about comedians and shows like family guy, but they aren’t as disgraceful as what Blundell has said and done over his most declining years in radio. It felt so forced at times, like he already hated his job and was taking it out on the listeners. Just pathetic good riddance!!!! In my 1st few years of listening I never thought I’d hate you this much Dean.

    • nevilleross

      The said thing in all of this (for me) is how CKLN was thrown off of the air for a few trivial ‘infractions’ that were really nothing al at as far as running a radio station is concerned, but this once great (now crappy) station is allowed to get away with a ton of shit that should have had the CRTC called in to get rid of their license. Where was the justice in this and the firing of Martin Streek? Kind of late now.

  • The_outsider

    I agree with you 100% it seemed that the departure of Dave Bookman was the beginning of a trend. Replacing excellent experienced broadcasted with cheap replacements.
    Gotta admit I don’t mind Fred. But weekend mornings are almost unlistenable.

  • Steve Lawrence

    We all know that jooz, gays, and gay jooz control all media, so this is not a surprise. What I really wonder is: how messed up was this particular qu33r in his sexual predilections, that three different f@@gs were willing to cry ‘assault!’?? I mean, they were going home with him!


    I laughed every morning with Dean and Todd they where awesome and can’t be replaced. To like the show you had to have respect and even more importantly LIKE YOURSELF to get the humour. They hated no one and made light of everyone. Like everything else in our society the people with no self confidence that cry them selves to sleep that drag others down to lift themselves up an that contribute least to society tore a man down and won. Good Job you won self haters Dean is off the Air for now!

  • Jim West

    Good Riddance.
    Dean sucked

    check out


    Mature Woman can be Hot.
    Are you experienced?

  • Eric S. Smith

    Shorter Corus: “Our on-air ‘talent’ wasn’t worth the trouble, so we’re just putting our iPod on shuffle.”