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Police Investigating Rob Ford’s Ranting Death-Threat Video

Kathy Ford's former partner Scott MacIntyre claims in court filing that he was the intended target.


Toronto police have been investigating the video, featuring an agitated and threatening Rob Ford, since it first surfaced in November, police sources have told the Star. They’ve been working to establish where, when, and by whom it was made—and to ascertain the identity of the man the mayor is heard threatening to kill.

Court papers recently filed by Kathy Ford’s former partner Scott MacIntyre allege that it was MacIntyre the mayor was referring to when he promised to “rip his fucking throat out” and “make sure that motherfucker’s dead”—and that the video was filmed at the home of Payman Aboodowleh, a former football coaching associate of Ford’s, shortly before MacIntyre suffered a beating in jail. MacIntyre’s lawsuit claims he was attacked because he had threatened to reveal details about the mayor’s criminal connections and drug use.

Detectives with Project Brazen 2, the police squad that was assembled after the crack video was made public in May 2013, have not interviewed MacIntyre, although they will do so if and when he files a formal complaint.

The police have not revealed whether they’ve made any progress on this video-related investigation—and Rob Ford has yet to comment on the allegations contained in Scott MacIntyre’s statement of claim.


  • tyrannosaurus_rek

    As I said when the video first surfaced, the intended victim might be able to identify himself from the context, in which case the video satisfies the legal definition of uttering a death threat. How many second chances will the cops give this spoiled rich kid?

    • dsmithhfx

      Two words:

      • tyrannosaurus_rek

        I’m pretty sure arresting people is something they can afford to do.

        Or did you mean his influence of the budget? Because he’s not really in charge of that anymore.

        • dsmithhfx

          Interesting how it is not even a topic of discussion on Council.

        • Squintz

          He was for quite some time however, let’s not pretend like he didn’t have an opportunity to exert pressure or influence.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Don’t worry Rob. We’ll visit you when you’re in prison. Maybe I’ll bake a pie with a file in it. ;-)

  • Graeme

    It’s pretty depressing that we pay $1.08 billion annually for a police force that fails so consistently to put 2 and 2 together.

  • CaligulaJones

    His supporters were pretty sure this was just a warm-up for the Hulk Hogan arm wrestlin’. That the Fords never used this as a defense pretty much says everything.

  • Astin44

    That video still sounds like a drunken promo for a charity fight to me, not a serious threat against someone.

    This is the rare instance where I’m taking accusations against Ford with a grain of salt. Still entirely possible he had something to do with the beating, but I doubt that video is connected.

    • dsmithhfx

      “a drunken promo for a charity fight”

      And what, he was planning to broadcast it? Two things: his head is clipped off so you just see his bloated upper body and wavy arms, and his speech is nearly unintelligible. The fact the police are investigating it indicates they take it a little more seriously. Macintyre was beaten in jail. Another Ford associate was murdered. This ain’t no charity promo.

      • Astin44

        No. He was clearly drunk/whatever at the time, and the video is clearly being shot secretly. But listen to what he’s saying beyond the inflammatory stuff that’s getting press.

        “In my f-ing underwear, I want to go with this guy.”
        “No f-ing interference brother.”
        “If I win, I will f-ing donate…”
        “I’m gonna prepare for it. I will call it. And I will f-ing be in that ring.”

        Sounds very much like someone suggested he have a boxing match or something of that ilk with someone who he was pissed off with, and he went off on a drunken rant of what he’d do.

        And if Macintyre claims it’s about him, then yes, the police should look into again. That doesn’t meant they won’t then say, “nope, not relevant” afterwards.

        • CaligulaJones

          Maybe, but “clearly drunk/whatever”, can lead to a different reading:

          “In my f-ing underwear, I want to go with this guy.”

          Same in either scenario. No knives, no guns, no clothes, like manly men, like UFC.

          “No f-ing interference brother.”

          Likewise. Just me and you, we’ll settle it. No cops, no seconds. Brother sounds like something he’d use regardless of proximity to the Hulkster.

          “If I win, I will f-ing donate…”

          Or dominate.

          “I’m gonna prepare for it. I will call it. And I will f-ing be in that ring.”

          Probably the weakest bit for this being a mad guy setting up a hit, I admit. The mention of ring might go further if there was actually a ring, though. I don’t think there was for the arm wrasslin’.

        • dsmithhfx

          OK so that sounds sorta plausible… so why didn’t he, or one of his associates just come out and offer that up as an explanation?

          Why does he continue to refuse to talk to the police?

          The guy is our mayor ffs, not some pool hall impressario.

  • OpportKnocks

    As much as I would like to believe MacIntyre was the target of the rant, it is just not credible. The sober person off camera goading Ford says: “These guys are pros, man”. There is nothing “professional” about Scott MacIntyre.

    The story about the jailhouse beat, now that sounds probable, given that is happened before the existence of the crack video was common knowledge.

    • torontothegreat

      I took “these guys are pros, man” as the people doing the beat down. Reassurance that Ford doesn’t in fact need “f–king 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead. It’ll be over in five minutes, brother…10 minutes”

      • OpportKnocks

        So your theory is that the off camera voice is trying to convince Ford to let the Pros handle it, and not do it himself? Looking at the video again, that still doesn’t add up.

        • torontothegreat

          That’s my interpretation anyhow. It’s all pretty subjective at this point until there is an explanation (good luck with that, right?)