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Meet a Council Candidate: Alex Mazer, Ward 18

Snapshots of first-time candidates for city council.

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Candidate: Alex Mazer (age 34)

Ward: 18 (Davenport), currently represented by Ana Bailão

Background: Grew up in P.E.I., undergrad at McMaster and law school at Harvard, former policy director for provincial finance minister Dwight Duncan, co-founder of Better Budget Toronto.

Why are you running for council? “In some ways bad things create opportunities for good things… There’s a question that people have to ask of their current councillors. If they’re not happy with the way city council’s been working, which I think a lot of people aren’t, then the question has to be, ‘Has my councillor been part of the problem?’ I don’t think the answer is clear enough with the current councillor… Councillor Bailão has voted the wrong way on some pretty important issues—probably the Scarborough subway is the leading example, in my mind. But there’s also stuff like the Jarvis bike lane, or eliminating the vehicle registration tax—things that are pretty key to our mayor’s agenda.”

“I also think there’s a question of if things are being done proactively, are opportunities being seized, are people looking at Ward 18 as a leader in the city?”

On the wish list for local improvements: The West Toronto Railpath, which Mazer would love to see further developed, and considered not just a recreational space but part of a “green transportation network.” If elected he plans to work to enhance the space by layering in infrastructure and amenities such as cafes and shared workspaces.


  • HotDang

    Bailao definitely has to go. She may be mainly progressive, but she often swings for Ford when it matters most.

    And then there’s the DUI; if your job is to be a level-headed decision maker, a DUI proves you aren’t fit for the position. It’s practically the stupidest decision possible. She should have resigned when that happened, rather than paving the way for Ford to do the same.

    • Brian Young

      Ford has created a climate for the acceptance (albeit resigned acceptance) of politicians displaying any sense of decency and honour (funny that he still gets called His Honour). If he doesn’t step down, why should she? I initially thought Bailao would be a moderately progressive force on Council, but, alas she has mostly thrown her lot in with the the dark side.

      • HotDang

        If he doesn’t step down, why should she?

        Maybe she has a shred of decency, unlike the Mayor.


        1. Council doesn’t accept what Ford did.

        2. They do seem fine with what Bailao did.

        3. She admitted to driving drunk before the crack story broke. She should have resigned then.

      • dsmithhfx

        The most alarming thing about Bailao’s drunk driving incident AND her voting record, is that they (both) unmasked her intention to make a career out of being a councillor. It is precisely that mentality which has held this city back, and continues to drag it down. The only possible fix is term limits.

  • tomwest

    I’m confused – is he for or against the Scarborough subway, the Jarvis bike lane, and the VRT?

  • dikki11

    That is all I need to support a candidate that has worked for the provincial liberals and no less than for the finance minister Dwight Duncan . After the money wasted and cover ups anybody associated with provincial lieberals should be expelled from politics. Instead they look to make a transition to municipal politics so they can screw us up further. No Thanks.