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Mapping the Progress of Storm Cleanup

The City's "debris cleanup maps" provide Toronto-wide snapshots of storm recovery efforts.

storm clean up jan 9
storm clean up jan 15

Since January 3, crews have been working to clean up the mess December’s ice storm left behind. Approximately 125 three-person crews have been collecting wood debris from the streets, and 120 two-person forestry crews have been taking down hazardous hanging branches.

The city-wide cleanup effort, which is scheduled to last at least eight weeks, is now expected to cost $106 million.

The City has been posting “debris cleanup maps,” so that residents can track the location of work crews, and watch as the red and yellow areas become a reassuring shade of green. Above: today’s map, and one from about a week ago, for the sake of comparison. Click on each one for a zoomed-in view.