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Extreme Cold Forces TTC to Take Streetcars Out of Service

Toronto will be down 50 streetcars just in time for rush hour.

The weather is taking a toll on more than just our moods, comfort levels, and exposed skin; it’s also doing terrible things to our streetcars. The TTC is warning that because of the extremely low temperatures Toronto is seeing today, “pneumatic air lines that provide braking and door operation can see moisture build up in the lines that then freeze, causing the streetcar to be taken out of service”—and it will indeed have taken dozens of vehicles off the streets before the afternoon rush hour. Normal rush hours see 195 streetcars in operation, but today, that number will be down by 50. The new fleet of streetcars, which will be phased in over the course of the next six years starting this August, will apparently not fall victim to the cold, as it will use electrical and hydraulic systems. Until the weather and the pneumatic air lines get warmer, the TTC will be running buses along the routes serviced by fewer than half of their allotted number of streetcars.