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Extra, Extra: Rob Ford Gets Pushy, the TTC Gets Suited Up, and Tim Hortons Makes Some Music

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  • Mayor Rob Ford marked the morning (afternoon, really) after the two-video night before by pushing through a throng of media at City Hall. He did not respond to questions about Steak Queen, or Sandro Lisi, or public intoxication, or whether he’d been driving while intoxicated, but he did make it clear he was “fighting for the taxpayers.”
  • TTC workers will soon be getting new uniforms. As part of the uniform-determining process, employees have been invited to provide feedback about which of four suggested “smart-casual golf shirts” they prefer: the golf shirt will “reflect TTC pride” and draw on the “traditional use of TTC red.” And two of the smart-casual options are certainly very red indeed.
  • Do you ever hear a song in a commercial and yearn for a version of that particular song that doesn’t end in thirty seconds or feature a smarmy voice-over? Perhaps not—but some people do. A number of Sidney Crosby–loving, Tim Hortons–quaffing viewers became so attached to the song featured in Crosby’s recent commercial for the coffee chain that Timmies ended up releasing a full-length version.

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