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Extra, Extra: Doughnut Historians, Happy Neuter Years, and Golden Dukes

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not to miss.

  • If only when we were children, we were told about the many and varied jobs available to adults. How many young ones, for example, know they could grow up to be doughnut historians? Because there is at least one of those out there—she recently curated an exhibition at a “community museum” in Brooklyn about the history of the New York doughnut shop. We’re now looking at you expectantly, community museums and doughnut historians of Toronto.
  • The Toronto Humane Society would like to present you with both a pun and a deal: during the month of January, it is wishing everyone a “Happy Neuter Year” by letting animals owners get dogs and cats fixed for $20.
  • “Mayor Ford, I have an award for you! It’s for your scandal!” So hollered Hunter Walker, an editor at Talking Points Memo, as he tried—and failed—to get the mayor’s attention today at City Hall. Perhaps Ford somehow just didn’t realize this generous man was trying to give him the “Golden Duke” award (for “best scandal of 2013,” yes—but still, the honour comes with an actual trophy).

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