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Court Filing Alleges Rob Ford Ordered Jail Beating

Kathy Ford's former partner, Scott MacIntyre, maintains he was beaten over threats to expose the mayor's drug use and criminal associates.

In a statement of claim filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Scott MacIntyre—a convicted drug dealer and ex-boyfriend to the mayor’s sister, Kathy Ford—alleges that Mayor Rob Ford conspired to arrange a prison beating he suffered in March 2012. That beating, the statement explains, was in response to MacIntyre’s threats to make Rob Ford’s drug use and association with known criminals public. Named in the statement: Rob Ford, two of Ford’s associates from his days as coach of the Don Bosco football team, and the ministry of correctional services.

None of these allegations have been tested in court yet. Because the beating took place in a provincial jail, Ontario’s Ministry of Correctional Services was already investigating the incident, but no criminal charges have been laid and no findings made public. The ministry has declined to comment on the record about the case because of this new legal action.

MacIntyre was convicted of threatening the mayor at his home on January 4, 2012, and was subsequently jailed for uttering death threats, breaking a court order, and narcotics possession. While serving time, on March 23 2012 MacIntyre was beaten in an incident in the showers of the Toronto West Detention Centre; he was left with several shattered teeth and a broken leg. He spent six months in hospital recovering from his injuries, and claims he is permanently disfigured because of the beating.

According to MacIntyre’s statement of claim, the beating was orchestrated by Aedan Petros, a 300 pound former football player of Ford’s who was serving time for armed robbery and home invasion in the same cell block as MacIntyre. Also named in the claim is Payman Aboodowleh, a former player and coach for the mayor’s Don Bosco Eagles who was not in jail at the time, but, according to the claim, conspired with the mayor to assault MacIntyre. (The statement mentions that a video of Ford conspiring with Aboodowleh “was subsequently published on the internet.” This possibly refers to a video that was made public in November, in which Ford is extremely angry and mimes stabbing an unnamed person.) Aboodowleh also has connections to Sandro Lisi, the mayor’s friend who is currently charged with extortion in connection with attempts to obtain the crack video.

A second Don Bosco associate of Ford’s, Aedan Petros, was in the same jail awaiting trial for a home invasion in which he slashed a victim with a knife; he allegedly relayed multiple threats on behalf of the mayor. MacIntyre says that he was repeatedly warned to “do the right thing” and “keep his mouth shut.”

The statement of claim further alleges that correctional officers may have been complicit in the assault—the security cameras were not working at the time, MacIntyre was placed in an unusual part of the prison compared to standard procedures, and guards did not respond to his calls for help—and that the attack was understood to have come from Rob Ford.

In November, Justice Paul French found that MacIntyre was beaten in the incident of “jailhouse justice” because he was seen as a “bother” to the mayor.

News of the court filing broke as city council debated the budget on Wednesday. Ford’s criminal lawyer was at City Hall; he called the allegations “spurious,” and denied the mayor’s involvement. When asked by a reporter why Ford should be trusted in his denial, Morris said the mayor has “tremendous credibility.”

The mayor, with at least three opportunities to speak to journalists about the allegations, has so far declined to comment, although he did deny any connection to Anthony Smith’s murder in a Toronto Sun story that appeared before the court filing was made public.


  • wklis

    Who is more credible? Rob Ford or Scott MacIntyre? Hmmm.

    I’ll believe Scott MacIntyre more.

    • Suicide Boi

      If we believe MacIntyre’s version for a moment, Ford arranged the beating of a man that had shot his sister in the face and was extorting the family.

      Sounds justified to me.

      • dsmithhfx

        It says a lot about the mayor and his family: thugs, addicts, criminals.

      • OgtheDim

        Leaving for a moment the whacked out idea that a mayor would be justified to commit an illegal act…..Ford supposedly did this to save his own political skin.

      • Ian Coutts

        I believe that the legal finding was that she was shot in the face by accident. Accidents happen, and shouldn’t deserve retribution. Maybe MacIntyre was beaten up by accident too?

      • Dave

        I figured this would be the “Ford Nation” response: “So what if he arranged to have someone beaten or killed? The guy deserved it!”

        And I thought the line would have finally been drawn at the admission of crack smoking. Wow, was I ever naive.

      • torontothegreat

        Except the shooting happened in 2005 and McIntyre and her were together for years afterwards.

        The Ford brothers didn’t bother with retribution then, so your argument a strawman at best.

        Does anyone else think that this city is being run by Mobsters?

        • dsmithhfx

          “The Ford brothers didn’t bother with retribution then.”

          My suspicion is they wanted to avoid at all costs a full-blown police investigation of their activities.

      • bobloblawbloblawblah

        Even were that true(which it isn’t) why is it you think it’s okay for the Chief Magistrate of our City to behave like Al Capone?

  • robert franklin stroud

    Did time in The West. Guards there are the most unprofessional in the Province — completely indifferent to their duties. It is just as likely they were goofing off or busy beating someone on their own (the record of assaults by guards against Cons in that jail are incredible!) as they were involved in some conspiracy.

    • Ian Coutts

      Only someone who did time in all of the detention centres in Ontario could attest to the qualities of Metro West guards.

      • robert franklin stroud

        Only someone extremely presumptuous would challenge my opinion without actually having spent time in the bucket anywhere in Ontario. My informed opinion of The West is based on having done time there and the Don and ‘Hurst, speaking with guys that did time everywhere else and seeing a guard openly assault someone on my first day there (I know of at least one con that was beaten to death by an enormous guard still employed there in an act of “self defense”). At night, guards would routinely bang on doors to wake people up for no other reason than they could and wanted a laugh (loud whistling by guards and all the connotations with it was also common). I also saw two female guards openly kissing and making out during walk-through to tease and rile up the guys inside that they knew were watching them.

        If there is a more unprofessionally run DC in the Province please tell me about it.

  • Ian Coutts

    I have to wonder why this is being pursued as a civil matter? Conspiracy to commit assault would be a criminal offense, wouldn’t it?

    • Lavender

      It’s being pursued as a civil matter obviously because criminal charges weren’t laid. In order for criminal charges to be laid, the province, Crown, etc. has to decide to proceed with the case on behalf of the victim, whereas this is a civil matter initiated by the defendant himself. It states in the article that the incident investigation didn’t result in charges and the findings weren’t released. MacIntyre had no other avenue.

  • Mack Attack

    You can’t make this stuff up. Regardless of what the outcome will be of this civil suit it just adds another surreal tinge to the chaotic political career of Rob Ford.

    The truly sad thing is that Rob Ford has skewed politics in this city so far out of whack that people are actually willing to accept the premise that he actually did do what the suit alleges and some people are fine with that.

    And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that Ford is continuing to get support from disaffected right-wingers because of his no-tax policy while they happily ignore his love affair with the welfare class who live in public housing. Ford is NOT an ideologue like Mike Harris. He is a populist with only a vague understanding of how things actually work in the real world.

    • bobloblawbloblawblah

      The way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me if he found out how things work in that “other world”, the one where guys dress in orange and live behind those grey bars.

  • bobloblawbloblawblah

    Ironic that the guy who raged against “hug-a-thug” programs may turn out to be the biggest thug of all.

    • dsmithhfx

      Well he hangs out with thugs, he hires thugs, and he’s capable of some extravagant threats when he’s three sheets to the wind and surrounded by associates, but there’s no evidence he’s ever actually beaten someone up, unless you count Pam McConnell.

  • Lavender

    Why did Rob Ford visit an inmate? That’s the question that intelligent people have been asking for months. Who did he visit and why? And now, he’s being sued for orchestrating a beating. Coincidence? This is Rob Ford we’re talking about. And he’s the mayor of Toronto.