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Weekend Newsstand: December 7, 2013

On this Saturday, why not test the limits of one person's sugar-cookie-eating abilities? In the news: Rob Ford's youth football club gets suspended, a doctor searches for his dog, Drake gets Grammy nominations, and subways close.

matt newsstand raccoon

Mayor Rob Ford might be out of a job. Psych, though! It’s not his mayor job. Ford’s youth football club, the Rexdale Raiders, has been suspended from its league. The team owes the Ontario Minor Football League $1,950 in fees and fines. The league has been trying to collect since the summer, but last they heard from the team’s representative the overdue payment was being looked into. But, to be fair, the team’s representative also works in the mayor’s office, so he’s got a lot going on.

Ever wonder how to make a very determined emergency room doctor very mad at you? Lose his beloved Shih Tzu. Dale Ryan’s dog has been missing since September after the dog daycare lost track of her while loading dogs into a van for a field trip to the park. Since then Ryan has put up posters, walked the streets at dog-walking times scanning for his pooch, and plans to send out 20,000 postcards to downtown addresses asking for the dog.

Grammys for Drake! Grammys for all! That’s how a Grammy works, right? Toronto-based rapper Drake, a.k.a. Aubrey Drake Graham, has been nominated for five Grammys. And maybe he should make a case that since his last name is Graham, which sounds almost just like the word Grammy, he should get to win at least one automatically. Because that’s how Grammys work, right?

And in the unending joy that is subway construction, there will be no service between Union and St. Andrew stations.