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Spotted: Mayor Rob Ford and Some Hells Angels

Another picture for Mayor Rob Ford's "my photos with alleged gang members" scrapbook.

Screenshot from the Hells Angels Toronto website.

SPOTTED BY: Several City Hall reporters, earlier today.

WHERE: On the Hells Angels Toronto website.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 3

WHAT: Every time Mayor Rob Ford is photographed with alleged criminals or neo-Nazis, his handlers point out that he takes pictures with all sorts of people, most of whom he doesn’t know that well—and of course there’s some truth to that, though it’s not a satisfying explanation. This time, though, Ford appears to have posed for a picture with at least two Hells Angels, one of whom is clearly wearing a pendant in the shape of the club’s insignia. (And as we know, Hells Angels don’t let just anyone wear their insignia.) The photo seems to have been taken at Sunday’s Buffalo Bills game at Rogers Centre. It was posted to the Hells Angels Toronto website at some point afterward.

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  • HotDang

    You can’t blame him for not noticing the necklace. He was probably too drunk to tell the difference.

    While there is surely some poor judgment on display here, it doesn’t rank with the photo of him in front of the crack house.

    • vampchick21

      Besides, Mel did it better. :)

  • Flootie McTootie

    That’s a remarkably shitty website.

  • Canadianskeezix

    I have to say, there are a lot of things to criticize about Rob Ford, but ending up in photos with less reputable folks at public events is not really one of them. He *does* take pictures with all sorts of people. When Torontoist writes “there’s some truth to that, though it’s not a satisfying explanation”, I am not sure what is unsatisfactory about it. He’s supposed to notice the necklace on the guy? Really? Given the crowds that were allegedly surrounding him trying to get similar photos?

    We have photos and videos of Ford actually consorting with really questionable characters. We don’t need to make up stories of Ford and the Hells Angels.

    The irony of all this, of course, is that those Hells Angels guys were probably getting their photo taken for the same reason as everyone else – they wanted a photo with a trainwreck.

    • tyrannosaurus_rek

      He seems to make no effort to check who he’s posing for pictures with. That’s understandable the first few times he’s caught shaking hands with the Klan or whatever, but not again and again and again. He’s putting his own selfish need to be seen as popular ahead of common sense and the city’s image, and that’s unsatisfactory.

      (Speaking of gladhanding, I miss that column.)

      • Canadianskeezix

        Sure, I don’t disagree with you, but so what? He’s always been a populist politician and always will be. And while some other politicians are more careful, and tend to operate in a bubble as a result, Rob Ford is going to exercise as much care on this issue as he does other issues. In other words, none. And while his lack of attention and complete disinterest in details/facts all result in serious harm to the City on many of those other issues, this issue is really just a tempest in a teapot. Symptomatic of what a disaster he is as mayor, but way down at the list of problems in order of importance or impact.

        In terms of Rob Ford’ selfishness, or adverse impact on the City’s image, this is nothing compared to Ford’s other episodes.

        If anything, making a big deal out of this helps Ford. It distracts from photos that actually matter, and feeds into his narrative that the media is being unfair to him.

    • Lee Zamparo

      Shamelessly swiped from a blogto comment on same incident:

      Ford weighed in on January 2002 about Lastman’s very public handshake with a member of the Hells Angels, saying Lastman’s move would hurt the mayor in the long term.

      “I’m sure he does it purposely. What else could it be? You can’t be that dumb,” Ford said at the time.

      • Gangsta

        So, Ford is attempting to distract from his “criminality” (admitted drug possession, etc.) by getting his pictures taken with gang members who may have criminal records themselves? Is that distracting from or reinforcing the narrative? Heavy drinking, crack smoking, mayor with criminal associates gets picture taken with self-professed criminals. Gee, what a surprise….

    • dsmithhfx

      You’d think he’d learn.

      Oh wait…

  • Sean Hawkins

    The wheels of karma turn slowly, but they turn.